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"Yahoo Yahoo" How Did We Get Here And What Is The Way Out? (picture)

With the recent increase in cyber crime, which has often deteriorated to money rituals, the Nigerian society is tensed, especially this festive period, the question I want to ask is, how did we get here?

From beheading to stealing of female under wears, kidnappings et al, what really happened to us as a nation? Is there a way out of this menace? Does it mean the youths have nothing they can do to better their lives other than crime and killings of fellow beings.

Like most people would always like to say, attributing the blames to our leaders, then I ask, aren't there other African countries with worse leaders and still doing better than indulging in crime?

As an individual, I can confidently say there are more opportunities in Nigeria than anywhere else, I believe if you know exactly what to do, you can look out for a way to go about it, the increase in crime if not curtailed can be dangerous to a developing country like Nigeria.

Every youth who is not into fraud is now seen as a 'Jew' by those involved, peers would flaunt their I'll gotten wealth in your face and make you feel like you aren't doing enough earning a living legitimately.
Personally I think the social media has had a lot to contribute to this....

The worst part is, everyone is not secure, if as a guy you think you are, how about your female siblings and relatives, and to think we now make jest of this ritual and killings, imagine the screenshot I saw this evening.

The question again is, how did we get here and what is the way out?

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