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Yahoo Plus: Why Ladies Are Mostly The Victims - Nigerians Give Reasons (video)

The latest scare in town is that Yahoo boys are using ladies’ panties for money rituals which they term Yahoo plus. These Yahoo boys have
graduated from relying on their laptops in scamming foreigners to now preying on their fellow country men.

Asides making use of panties for rituals, they also make use of human parts. The social media of late has been filled with reports of these Yahoo boys killing their fellow humans and removing parts like eyes, breast, vagina etc from the body of the victims who are mostly ladies.

Below is a video showing Nigerians on the red carpet giving their opinion on this new scary trend and why they feel ladies are mostly the victims of Yahoo plus.

Celebrities like comedian Ushbebe and BBNaija 2017 housemate Coco Ice also gave their opinion.

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