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12 People, Including Women And Children Dead, As Canoe Capsized

12 people, including women and children dead, as canoe capsized on River Niger
Mr Rights has learnt that a canoe carrying 18 passengers yesterday, 1st December 2018,
capsized in River Niger, Choppy water, at Edu local government area of Kwara State, Nigeria.

An eye witness told Mr Rights that, the incident happened around 10am, as the canoe was carrying people from Edu local government area of Kwara State to Niger State.

According to the eye witness, not long after the canoe left Central Chewuru port in Edu local government of Kwara State, the canoe capsized and only 4, out of the 16 passengers made it out alive.

""The boat was carrying 16 people, including men and women, some even with children" the source said, adding that they were going to freedom ceremony at Niger state.

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