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Oh!What a shock!!!
It is with rude and vexacious shock that i express the heartfelt sadness over the demise of our Leader and Mentor,High Chief Tony Anenih.

A man who 'MADE MEN AND GENERATIONS',sadly the same men you made have refused to 'MAKE OTHER MEN'.

I,The President of the ORIAIFO CHILDCARE FOUNDATION,ORIAIFO ODION KESSINGTON, on behalf of myself and my philantrophic organisation express sadness over the demise.

“It saddens me that we have lost a vivacious, humane and tireless leader who was a master political tactician as State Chairman of the National Party of Nigeria ,NPN, from 1981 to 1983, when he spearheaded the late Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia’s election as civilian Governor of Bendel State.

“When democracy returned, he was National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 1992 and 1993, and masterminded the election of Chief M. K. O. Abiola as President. Yet, it was in the Peoples Democratic Party ,PDP, that he earned the sobriquet “Mr. Fix It”.

The relationship between the ANENIH AND ORIAIFO family basked stronger during the years of the SDP when Chief helped and delivered THE PATRIARCH Of the ORIAIFO FAMILY,Late Senator(DR) John Oriaifo into the 3rd Republic Senate representing OLD AGBAZILO Constituency.

Simple yet powerfully evocative initials of a man who means the world to me, and to many others.
A man who time and again puts the needs of others ahead of his, a man who believes in the dignity of life, a man who leads by example, whose life is exemplary, whose words are his bond, whose diligence is painstaking, whose commitment to doing what’s right is unwavering, whose humility is disarming, whose courage is unshaken, whose love for all around him is unmistakable and stems from his love for his creator and progenitors.

Every child needs a role model.
Every politician need A LEADER TO NURTURE AND PRUNE him/her.
A man is a mirror of his role model (s).
I am privileged that I didn’t have to look outside of ESAN-LAND to find mine.
In CHIEF TONY AKHAKON ANENIH, I found my Political Role Model.
Articulate in Administration, Speaker Par Excellence .
Grounded in Values, Committed to Service.
Simple in appearance, understated in elegance.
Gentle in Disposition, Fierce in Defence.
Compassionate and God-fearing by Nature.
I thank the Almighty God for my OWANLENs Life.
He epitomises what a father should be to his children. What a child should be to his parents. What an elder should be to his juniors. What a man should be to his friends. What a citizen should be to his community. What a staff should be to his employers. What an example a Leader should be to his people.

May God grant you many more LIGHTS to your heavenly PATHS as u go home.
Love you Dad.

Okinbue Owanlen-Nege.

Oriaifo Odion KESSINGTON,