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ORIAIFO KESSINGTON ODION(Elder) is the CHAIRMAN,Benchmark Oil and Gas Group and a front-line aspirant for the Edo State House of Assembly,Esan-Central Local Government Area of Edo State. In this interview, the ebullient and un-vociferous aspirant spoke on his desire to move up to the State
assembly as the representative of the people of Esan-Central constituency and his vision for deliverance to the people.
Why do you want to represent Esan-Central constituency in the House of Assembly ?
Esan-Central LGA is where I come from. I live among the people and I understand them very well. I also feel what they feel because I have transversed the length and breadth of the local government and also have aspired for a couple of offices before now in the local government. Some of my businesses are also domiciled in my local government. My passion is to serve my people always. As such, in any capacity they want me to serve them, I will be willing to do.
Relatedly, politics is now very dynamic and sophisticated. Under the new dispensation, EsanCentral LGA needs a representation that has ideas. They need a representation that has the willingness and ability to make things happen. They need a representation that will go to the State and bring back the dividend of democracy. They need a representation that is very close to the grassroots. They also need a representation that is part of the government at the state and federal levels.
What is your agenda for your constituency?
My legacies before now will speak for me.

The ORIAIFO CHILDCARE FOUNDATION has affected the lives of people in the constituency in no small measure-Medical Outreaches, Scholarships,Educational grants,Women Empowerment, Agri-business supports and Skill Acquisition.
 I am still working hard even now to bring the good life to my people. We have struggled to identify what our people need and we have been doing that. We will use the mandate given to us to bring dividends of democracy to our people in the past years and we have not stopped doing that.
As a legislator, I will give back to the people.We have also worked on Mother and Child care among other things.We will do more.
After examining the traditional birth system in my constituency, one of my major developmental plan is to bring in medical doctors to train the traditionalists. We also gave them safety kits to deliver babies.
We will initiate free eye surgery to cater for our elderly and also gave out free glasses. We have been running a free ICT centre for our youths and other interested persons for years now in Benin city.We will replicate this in my constituency. Many people have taken advantage of that over the years. So, these are some of the things we plan to replicate as a State legislator. And even do more.
Are the achievements you recorded in your running of your foundation the basis for seeking their support for your ambition?
It is in view of these and many more that I have done that the people are now saying I should represent them. Having done so much for my current constituency ,they have the confidence that I can add value to their lives at the law-making level. To actually do more for my people, I need to go to The State Legislature, to ensure that all the activities and infrastructures that are being distributed all over the State will come to Esan-central constituency.
The people in the constituency do not have access to these facilities at present. All we hear is that the constituency gets constituency projects which are never actually done. This time around we are going to ensure that what is due for our people are brought to them. Again, there is what we call QUALITY REPRESENTATION which is contributing to the affairs of the nation. Everybody is talking about corruption in the nation; everybody is talking about lack of infrastructure. The constituency will maintain an office where the people can go and make their complaints which will in turn make representation in The state level.
These and many more need to be addressed. The State Government must give Esan Central what it deserves. I believe I can add my own voice to it and push for what we deserve in the state and my constituency. The voice of IRRUA,EWU,OPOJI,UGBEGUN,UNEAH and UWESSAN must be heard. There are so many things we need to ask for as a people. There are so many opportunities we need to take advantage of. These are the reasons why I want to represent my people at the state assembly.
I remembered sometimes in 2014 during the Christmas, I had a very massive celebration in Ward 1 where I distributed a lot of things just to make sure we encourage them to venture into different trades and vocations.
This forced our youth to shun violence and engage in profitable ventures.

This and more we will do when we form in government in Tony Enahoro State House of Assembly complex in Benin city come 2019.
Thanks and God bless .

(Interviewed by Societe Reporters, Nasarawa State)