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AD Presidential Aspirant promises to Jail Buhari ,36 Govs,Vows to stop pension and benefits to ex Government officials 

A leading Presidential aspirant on the platform of Alliance for Democracy AD ,Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah  has  taken to his social media page to announce some measures in which he intends fighting corruption Promising that if Ex government officials are
found guilty of abusing their office during their tenure   they would be thrown into jail irrespective of the position held by such official
See post as shared on his Facebook Timeline
People have been asking what specifics would i do if i become elected as the next President of Nigeria.
Tho i have mildly in the past shared briefs on policies that would form key in my administration.
I would begin an holistic approach to how i intend making life better for Nigerians.
Since these failed recycled leaders have made governance a rocket science then we would return Nigeria back to how the white bequeathed it to us
Free and quality Education ,Good Maternity clinics,Well organized School Curricular ,Good and affordable Housing,Stable economy ,Good electricity etc…
If it means Buhari and all the Governors are found guilty by a competent court of Law and sent to jail then so be it.
We shall deal on why Nigeria could not be managed and why Basic Amenities elude us as citizens.
I would be very controversial because you people would have to explain to me if we agree That Nigeria is sick and yet these same people who benefited from a HEALTHY Nigeria wants to go and finally leave behind for us a sick Nation.
For example my administration would immediately stop all entitlements INCLUDING pension etc to former Governmental officials(President ,senators,reps,Govs etc) until it can be proven that such appointees where not found wanting when they held government positions.
We shall deal with corruption and spare nobody.
If we cant take Nigeria Back to what it was then those leaders that failed us would stop benefiting financially from the government in order for the citizens to feel the basic amenities of Life.
Stay tuned and do not adjust .
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