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SELECTIVE JUSTICE!No matter the amount of wishes you wish an unprepared man, he still will never succeed. These guys are unprepared men and women. All they know and enforce is selective justice.
You have your car particulars and license, yet, you are been searched vigorously like a thief by Road Safety, VIO, Police, etc but the so-called defaulters, come with siren, break traffic rules, move about with sealed plate numbers yet, the police, Road Safety and VIO salute them and create ways for them to pass,
 SELECTIVE JUSTICE!The poor goes to the hospital by 6am, they queue up waiting for the Doctor, the Doctor comes by 10am, one thief with agbada comes in by 10:30am, the nurses and the Doctors begin to run helter-skelter leading this honoured thief to their office just to gain some favour, leaving the poor who have been standing for the last four hours to die for they carenot,
SELECTIVE JUSTICE!You work hard to secure admission, you queue for screening, yet the sons and daughters of these treasury looters who never worked hard for their admission, let alone queue underthe soon, receive their screening forms and admission letter at home,
SELECTIVE JUSTICE!You want to go to Mecca or Jerusalem, you are subjected to all form of hardship irrespective of your age but that woman, that boy and that girl who belongs to the family of that honoured thief get their documents brought home without any stress,
SELECTIVE JUSTICE!Go to the prisons, the poor are treated like slaves without regards but the day these roguesenter the prisons, the prison wardens treat them like gods, give them palatable treatment and make them kings while the poor serve as their doll again even in the prison,
SELECTIVE JUSTICE!All the men and women that defected to the ruling party have suddenly been forgiven of their sins, however, all those that left the ruling party even when they have no sin, a sin is sought for and glued to their personalities and the bull dogs of the ruling party go out to chase them, giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it,
SELECTIVE JUSTICE!I am tied of this people, they are nothing but a bunch of ignoramus who have taken our country so many years backward. This is not the country of my dream. We must bring them down; our country must experience through deliverance so that the poor can live a better life again because all because all that has ever been all that is and all that will ever be in our nation is a function of our mind power given to us by the creator!For further inquiries on this article or on any of our previous articles or any critical issue that needs urgent public sensitization, call:Comrade Ibadin Osemudiame John on: 07069291121 or 08075208916 or send your questions to our email address [email protected]