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It is a well known fact that when ever elections are won and lost,most politicians that lost will go for sabbatical until the next four years when another elections will hold..And a democracy without
oppositions is simply dictatorship.In preparation to the 2015 elections, the opposition took a delicate dimension which affected the nation till date..What happened was that the oppositions then,rather than correcting the govt through constructive criticism,introduced lies deciet,treachery, hate and terror just to wrestle from the govt.2015 elections was like war. When the winner emerged it was as if the losers were prisoners of war.. Every members of the new opposition went into hiding bcos of the new sheriff in town..The spokesman of the new opposition party was arrested and treated like a common criminal with handcuff just bcos he had superior arguments against the govt's three spokesmen.As the govt uses war against corruption as a tool to humble opponents,most politicians inthe opposition with one skeleton in their cupboard or the other, either decamp to the rulingparty or go dumb.. Since 2015 after may 29th there was no oppositions..besides the govt does not even tolerate them.. Truth is viewed as hate speech.With Nigeria having over eighty political parties, one would expect robust oppositions but negative was the case.. It took the courage of a bold Governor..And he is non other than GovPeter Fayose...Love him or hate him, Peter Fayose is the reason Nigeria is not in complete dictatorship.. He was the only oppositions that constructively criticise the government. Unfortunately some people hated him for daring the emperor..He played his role like a true hero and democrat ..During the election,we could see the magnitude of hate, anger and sentiment against Fayose as if he was also a contestant..they forgot that he has completed his tenure..The federal government did not hide their disdain, they impose federal might as if there was huge deposit of oil and other mineral resources.For those laughing that Fayose was humiliated and is now silent. I want to state that, Fayose has finished playing his role ..Thank God with the massive defection amongst parties, we are expecting more bold constructive criticism without Fayose, bcos he won't be protected by immunity..Fayose remains the best friend of President Buhari..The Best friend a person can have is that friend that can tell u the truth as it is..Not those praise singers who glorifies u even your sins is glaring