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The youths and entire people of ESAN-CENTRAL Constituency have borne the brunt of the poor leadership and the lack of effective representation in the Edo State House of Assembly for a long time too many. We have suffered the impact of the non-development of the zone, effect of natural
disasters and its poor rapid response ,insecurity and massive unemployment in our area. We urge the entire people of Esan-Central Zone to support the movement to restore the dignity of ESAN-CENTRAL people in 2019 by Gods grace.
I Pledge to Restore the Dignity of the Esan-Central People;

I pledge to Effectively Represent Esan-central People in the State assembly,FGN and International
Non-governmental Organizations for the Development of the Zone;

I Pledge to Transform Esan-central into a feasible economic zone through the encouragement of commercial agriculture, establishment of small scale industries and revitalization of the schools in the area; AND
I pledge to Promote the Development of Basic Health Infrastructure through the establishment of Community Health.
MY VISION is – To offer the most responsive and effective representation predicated on mobilizing the people of Esan-central towards participatory democracy and creating an enabling environment for human capital and physical development of the zone.
MY MISSION is – To facilitate the socio-economic development of Esan-central zone within the shortest possible time. It will be my duty to sensitize the people of Esan-central, collect their views, collate and aggregate them to enable me make qualitative representations on their behalf. As Honourable member I shall be the “Loud Voice” of our people at the State Assembly.
With my previous experiences in previous government(dating from my days as(STUDENT UNION SENATOR and other government offices held), as your legislator/congressman , I will work in collaboration with other legislators of the State Assembly and the Executive Governor to realize the manifesto of our great DEMOCRATIC party, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).
However, as an individual Legislator, I have carefully developed a “FOUR-POINT AGENDA” that addresses the peculiar circumstances of Esan-Central zone. I will painstakingly, vigorously and decisively pursue these goals as a “Social Contract” between myself and the people of Esan-Central zone. I believe that the attainment of these four major goals will go a long way in bringing to an end the many years of underdevelopment, deprivation and marginalization of Esan-Central People.
My four-point agenda are:-
As the Legislator/Congressman representing Esan-central Local government area, I will be a real vocal voice speaking, and where necessary “shouting” for the zone. I will generate ideas that would positively impact on the people of EsanCentral. I will consult widely before I speak in order to speak your mind. I will be selfless and jettison personal interest. I will aggressively pursue common goals, interests and aspirations of EsanCentral people.
My intellect, energy, experience, exposure and network will be devoted to initiating bills and motions geared towards the general interest of EsanCentral people in particular, and Edo State in general. I will in agreement with other stakeholders from the zone champion the cause of  OKPEBHOLOR State and pursue its rapid and vigorous development in consonance with other brother legislators . As a legislator/congressman with the people’s mandate, I will ensure that EsanCentral will remain on the front burner in all state issues.
I have held many sensitive positions in several government capacities  and at Political Party levels. With my experience, I have been privileged to know what is prudency as regards management of Constituency funds for the execution of projects within the constituencies. Though the money is not given directly to the Legislator, he is responsible for the location of the projects. He determines the projects and influences the choice of who executes them.
While not dwelling on the past which history will judge, my focus will be on how to distribute these projects and ensure their judicious execution for the rapid development of the different clans that make up ESAN-Central-Uneah,Uwessan,Otorruwa,Ewu,Opoji and Ugbegun wards and clans.
Esan-central(especially the hinterlands),is blessed with agricultural produce especially Oil Palm,Cassava(Garri),Kolanuts,PawPaw to mention a few . According to Wikipedia (internet based encyclopadia), EsanCentral remains one of the bread baskets of Edo State, with terrace cultivation practiced on its hilly farmlands. The Zone in the past had the  largest Flour Mills and farm in West Africa located at Ewu,EsanCentral LGA, the biggest OilPalm farm in South-South Nigeria owned by the ORIAIFO Family and in managed by TRUST FARMS Nig.and the Osara Fishery and Poultry farms. All these agro initiatives collapsed because of visionless leadership. I will encourage the nexus between agriculture, technology and commerce to be fully explored to revive these projects and promote Agro-industry as the foundation for the socio-economic development of the zone. I will ensure that a TRUST OIL FARM is commercialized and expanded and a Palm Produce e-related industry are established in Uneah Wards and Ebudin wards of the Constituency.I shall work assiduously towards the establishment of Fruit Juice processing plant in EsanCentral in OTORRUWA.I will collaborate and work harmoniously with the Government of EdoState to wade off the bottlenecks impeding on the reopening of the EWU FLOUR MILLS at Ewu.I will do all within my viable reach to attract basic infrastructure to EsanCentral.
I am a Microbiologist by training, with a higher degree in Sustainable Development and extensive experience in the private sector, international developmental organizations and Government. I will play a pivotal role to harness all human resources in EsanCentral zone using my connections to attract infrastructural development from the government and donor agencies within and outside Nigeria.Even with the appointive positions that I have held, I have been a great advocate of the development of EsanCentral. I can make more things happen given your mandate.
EsanCentral is blessed with educated people in diverse professions who have been under-privileged in job placements and deployments. Again, I have been privileged to assist EsanCentral people to ascend to lucrative positions in the Public Service and elsewhere.
It has been my burden and passion to see EsanCentral people occupy responsible positions. I have done these courageously without minding the risk of blackmail via my philantrophic channel i have been running till date-THE ORIAIFO FOUNDATION.We have affected  the lives of WOMEN AND CHILDREN positively these past 5years via Medical outreaches, Scholarships, Child and women advocacy developments and more.
As Legislator, I will build on these foundations and conviction that EsanCentral must be heard to ensure that my people are not marginalized in the Public Service.
I will fight with all my strength, my flesh and my blood to see that our job quota is not utilized by any other zone. I shall ensure that EsanCentral secures its share of job opportunities and appointments as approved by the Federal character principle.
EsanCentral Youths will be encouraged to attend the best of the Federal Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. Under my watch as your legislator, the scholarship opportunities of our youths will not be swapped or diverted. Our Youths will also be encouraged to acquire skills. The trained youths and the widows from EsanCentral zone will be assisted through my office as your Congressman to obtain soft loans to jump start their own businesses instead of living from hand to mouth.
Politics and service delivery are all about people. Power belongs to the people who naturally should decide the direction of the government.
Because I am going to the State Legislature with your mandate through your benevolence, EsanCentral People shall remain the plank of my stewardship. In that regard, I shall establish the “EsanCentral Peoples Parliament” where I will meet with representatives of EsanCentral zone periodically. The EsanCentral Peoples Parliament will be a forum for presentation of my report card. It will be a forum for you to assess me as your legislator. In this forum I shall collect and collate your views to enable me speak your mind in the State Assembly. I will not be heard in the EDHA but the Voice of EsanCentral will be heard through me. This cannot be unless we have this regular interaction.
During any session, my performance will be assessed and new targets set. This way we shall remain focused on the developmental challenges of the EsanCentral zone.
We should move governance away from fraudsters and 419 people to persons with proven integrity and track record of performance.
EsanCentral has wasted the last 8 years already to fraudsters in the 'skin of legislation'. Let us not mortgage the future of our children for another 4 years. Vote for real change in 2019 that PDP will bring through me.
My dear brothers and sisters, I pledge to serve you selflessly, honestly and diligently.
Vote for a trusted representative
Vote for Effective representation
Vote for a Senator who will speak boldly for EsanCentral.
Vote for a credible voice for EsanCentral.
Thank You.
Submitted By Oriaifo Odion Campaign Organisation(O.O.C.O)