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18-Year-Old Girl Released On Bail For Stealing In Delta, Absconds. Photos

A teenage girl who was released on bail after her arrest in Delta state, is said to have absconded. The 18-year-old girl identified as Ogechukwu Ogwuegwi, was arrested in October 2017, along with five others by her employer for allegedly stealing.

Ogechukwu who was 17-years-old then and six months pregnant, was denied bail by the police for failing to provide N15,000.

The CEO Behind Bars imitative, Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, secured her bail before she was released and charged to court.

Report has it her guarantor, Prince Harrison, is currently being detained at the Delta State Police Command HQ, Asaba, after failing to provide Ogechukwu whose location is unknown.

Below is what Prince shared on Facebook; 
Dear Ogechukwu,
I saw you pregnant, 18/10/2017 eating inside A Divisional Police Station Asaba. I came to secure the release of someone when I met you.

I asked the officers why a young pregnant woman is been detained and was told you have been detained for 7 days for stealing and your family members can't meet up with the bail condition (N15,000) imposed by the IPO.

I risked my life, protested and the good DPO(Now Retired) ordered for your release at about 9:15pm. I gave you and your brother my phone number to call and the next morning your brother called that the police took you to Magistrate court Asaba, I left all I was doing, drove and picked up Barr Ajuebor Favour who gave reasons to the Magistrate why you should be released on bail.

Magistrate granted bail of One Million Naira and a surty. None was available to take you on bail. Your brother was employed. I wanted to leave you to be taking to Agbor Prison but my conscience kept judging me.

I rescued you from the police, why can't I rescue you again... I think my emotions betrayed me. I perfected your bail, paid everything payable and you got your freedom.

Oge, I know you are innocent of the crime alleged which i promised to help you get Justice. I registered you for medical check up. You were 6 months pregnant and underage and needed all the support.

As I pay off your debt by going to prison, you don't me any apology, but the following persons deserve your apology.