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Top 8 Discontinued Cars Nigerians Are Really Going To Miss.


This caption is a very funny one but that’s exactly what it is. Have you ever wondered why you see a lovely car on the road, the car becomes very popular then suddenly you stopped seeing
newer models of the cars. That’s because they were discontinued by the makers.I call them dead cars because the manufacturers have killed the lineage of those cars and stopped manufacturing newer models for one reason or the other. actually performed an autopsy on these cars (funny but true) and discovered why they were discontinued and killed by their makers and in this post I will be disclosing that autopsy report. There are many popular car models in the world that are dead and buried but these are the popular ones on Nigerian roads. They are still on the roads even up till this very moment but they’re just standing on their last legs and it’s just a matter of time before the owners become tired of waiting for newer models and dump them. Thing is it’s not Nigerian buyers that determine whether a car will live or not, most time its the Americans and Europeans of course. Let’s have a look.

1.TOYOTA VENZA (2008-2015): A traumatic loss

A very painful death indeed! Toyota Venza is a front-engine, front- or all wheel-drive mid-size five-passenger crossover SUV that was designed by a man named Chung Lee, manufactured and marketed by Toyota in North America and unveiled at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. If someone told had told me this lovely car would die so soon, I would have doubted but today, that’s the case. This car is very loved by the Nigeria middle class that up till now if you drive a venza in Nigeria, you still command respect among the average car owners but sadly the car died in 2015.

Autopsy report:

In 2015, Toyota announced that the Venza would be discontinued after the 2015 model year. There are three factors that contributed to this decision: customer preference, competitiveness within the segment, and deteriorating sales. Production of US models ended in June 2015.

2. NISSAN XTERRA (2000-2015): I'm crying right now cry cry

A very brutal car. One of the strongest cars on the Nigerian roads, built with powerful OFF-ROAD capabilities. The Nissan Xterra will be very missed by most Nigerians. With our bad roads, these are the kind of cars we need, no wonder Brazillian Federal police made it their official car. Xterra owners will weep for this car no doubt. In a press release, NISSAN says: “The Nissan Xterra has completed its current production cycle. After more than 750,000 Xterras sold since its introduction as a model year 2000 vehicle, the last Xterra will be sold in the fall of 2015.”

Autopsy report:

The Xterra died a horrible death as a result of Poor fuel economy, declining sales, and mandated upgrades to safety and emissions were also cited.

3. TOYOTA FJ CRUISER (2006-2014): So painful cry

This aggressive looking car has no joy at all. The “Final Edition” of the FJ Cruiser went on sale in Japan on 12 September 2017 but I still recommend this powerful car to anyone, any day. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a retro style, mid-size SUV. This car is one of the most powerful cars on the Nigerian roads with good OFF-ROAD capabilities, 5,000-pound (2,300 kg) towing capacity and comes in both 4WD and rear-wheel drive.

It has all it takes to compete with strong cars such as JEEP Wrangler, Nissan Xterra, Toyota Hilux and so on. Lord knows if I have the power to bring this car back to life I would do it without thinking twice.

Autopsy report:

The aggressive looking FJ CRUISER DIED as a result of increased competition in the mid-size SUV segment and poor fuel economy amidst rising gasoline prices and environmental concerns which however caused a sharp nose-dive in sales.

4. TOYOTA MATRIX (2003-2014)

I know you be wondering by now why Toyota keeps appearing on my list. Yes, you’re right Toyota is Nigeria’s number one selling car brand. This Toyota Matrix is a ladies car, very durable and comfortable. This car is the baby sister to the much popular Toyota Corolla, but this cute and practical wagon isn’t as trendy. However you still find them on Nigerian roads and they’re quite affordable. Go for Toyota Matrix if you’re on a budget but remember, it’s a ladies car. LOL


Too much complaints from buyers, too many recalls (FROM 2003-2013) Toyota issue recalls for one fault or the other. This car is one of the most recalled Toyota cars in history the company got frustrated with it and abandoned it. Naija owners are still rocking their cars no time.
5. HYUNDAI VERACRUZ (2006-2012)

The Hyundai Veracruz died and its brother the HYUNDAI SANTA-FE took over the mantle. However this car was larger and more spacious than the Santa FE and Nigerian loved it. It’s not as powerful as the FJ Cruiser but it still holds its own in the committee of SUVs. The Veracruz was only available in two models during its six year run: the base GLS and the luxurious Limited, in Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive configurations.

Autopsy report

Poor sales is the main reason it was continued.

6. HONDA ELEMENT (2002-2011)

This car was made popular in by the Nollywood industry because at a time they seem to be using it in most of their movies. The car made its debut in 2002 and everyone fell in love with its SUICIDE DOORS. In 2007, the Honda Element won the’s “Dog Car of the Year” award. In Nigeria it is seen as a ladies car. It is still a very nice car and it is still running strong on the Nigerian road.

Autopsy report

Honda executives blamed the Element’s demise on a variety of factors: competition from similar vehicles offered by other manufacturers, rivalry within the automaker’s own product line, and a dwindling market share for SUVs overall.

7. HONDA CROSS TOUR (2010-2015)

One of the most flashy cars on the Nigerian road the Honda Crosstour (initially branded the Accord Crosstour) is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda. Sales began in November 2009 for the 2010 model year, and was discontinued for the 2016 model year due to slow sales, along with the Element (which was discontinued in the second year of the Crosstour). Nigerians still love this car despite the fact it was expensive and doesn’t perform too well. I guess it’s because of the appearance. This car will be very much missed in Nigeria. In terms of luxury, this car competes with Toyota Venza which is also a dead car.

Autopsy report of course, Lol

Poor sales is the main reason for the death of this car. Funny enough the Honda CRV made more sales and more money than this car so there’s no reason to continue it. I guess HONDA CRV also contributed in killing off its brother.

8. VOLKSWAGEN CC (2008-2017)

This premium German product is a perfect example of a well built, streamlined car, quite expensive and has a coupe-like silhouette with a choice of four- and six-cylinder engines and features optional 4Motion all-wheel-drive. A VW spokesman said there’s no word yet on a replacement but outside Canada it will be succeeded by the new Arteon, which has similar lines but also offers hatchback utility. The car is very low to the ground which makes it not good for Nigeria roads. This has not stopped Nigerians from buying it and they’re still buying it till today. Lol. The car is directly related to the PASSAT model and is one of the lowest selling Volkswagen cars ever.

Autopsy report

Very low to the ground and poor sales is the reason this lovely sports looking car was killed by Volkswagen. Like I said earlier, it was one of the lowest selling car ever in the Volkswagen lineup.

Do you know other discontinued cars Nigerians will really miss? Tell us in the comment section.

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