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2 Jehovah's Witnesses Killed In Ekpoma​, Edo By Car While Preaching

At about morning time at St Theresa junction, Ukpenu extension road, Ekpoma , An unidentified young driver who was said to have had a car failed brake situation drove unsteadily from Mousco
junction as its was said to have somersaulted to about 4-5 feet upwards and was set ahead to hit a couple who were said to be Jehovah's witnesses.

According to an eye witness on that area ,she said (in pidgin) and i quote

"If u see as the car de fly for air dey come fear catch even me wey de my house, i be come see as the woman de fear when she and the other Jehovah person dey try escaped but the motor come still jam them... The thing pain me for dem"

Other eye witnesses spoke and words came out the the couple who were set out to preach got married not quite long and the lady who was said to be still have been a student, was her father's only daughter and they are wondering how the father would be able to accept such a bad news

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