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Loan from the Federal Government of Nigeria to help with your trade or small business.

MarketMoni is a Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) created to provide financial aid for the under-banked and unbanked. This objective is being achieved by providing easy and quick loans at no interest rate besides a five per cent (5%) administrative fee

Micro, Small and Medium businesses are the bedrock of the Nigerian economy. The facts are clear: Nigerian has over 77 million MSMEs today, employing over 60 million people and contributing about 85% of total labor force in the country. In its resolve to support and accelerate economic activity of MSMEs, the Federal Government has established MarketMoni. 

Comprising over 37 million businesses, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) form a significant chunk of the informal sector, including market women, traders, artisans, enterprising youths and agricultural workers.
Nothing better demonstrates this critical role of MSMEs in Nigeria than their whopping N38.7 trillion contribution to Nigeria’s GDP of N94.1 trillion in 2015. However, this sector is still hampered significantly by difficulties accessing affordable credit.

According to recent reports on the sector, 85 per cent of MSMEs in Nigeria cite access to affordable credit as a major challenge. Most affected by this uphill battle are women-owned businesses which account for 60 per cent of MSMEs in Nigeria.

MarketMoni, also known as the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP), issues interest-free loans to market women and traders, artisans, youth and farmers. It is one of the social intervention programs of the Federal Government, and is being executed by the Bank of Industry (BOI).

This ‘no-interest’ loan scheme is accessible to beneficiaries through their accredited market associations and cooperatives. Upon confirmed membership of accredited market associations, provision of Bank Verification Numbers (BVNs), and assignment of a MarketMoni agent, beneficiaries qualify to obtain loans ranging between N10,000 to N100,000 repayable over 6 months, with a one-time 5% administrative fee to cushion costs. According to the latest official report  from BOI  24,000 beneficiaries have accessed MarketMoni so far.

So if you are taking a loan of N50,000 for example, you would only pay N52,500 and it spreads over 6 months. If you took a N20,000 loan, you would be paying back N21,000. The beauty is there is no other cost or hidden charges as the case is with most credit available to this segment and which run up interests as high as 48% annualised. MarketMoni is a true intervention.

MarketMoni’s 6-month repayment tenure eases the burden on the beneficiary. The entrepreneur is better able to focus their energies on growing their business rather than meeting aggressive targets. The loan also comes with a 2-week moratorium prior to commencement of weekly repayments starting on the third week of the life of the loan. For example, a N20,000 loan beneficiary would pay back N875 weekly. A beneficiary who makes a daily contribution therefore pays less than N200 per day, an amount that can easily be set aside while reaping the benefits of significant injection of capital into their business. There is no other loan facility this affordable for the Nigerian at the base of the pyramid.You can now join the beneficiaries who are rolling out testimonies all over the country!


Special Women and Gender Advantage

From the N500 billion budget voted to social intervention programmes for 2016, MarketMoni accounts for N140billion – subject to funding – to target about 1.6 million market women and traders, artisans, enterprising youth and agricultural works over the one-year period. BOI targets women-owned businesses for 60% of MarketMoni.

This gender advantage emanates from researched knowledge that difficulty accessing finance is more prevalent among women, and has been a persistent barrier to the comparative participation of women in the micro-economy. Giving an edge to women has become imperative in the light of the multiplicity of roles of women micro-entrepreneurs as breadwinners and home-makers, and more likely participants in microenterprise than big business. A specific targeting of women accelerates the programme’s direct impact on job opportunities at the base of the pyramid, and a consequent reduction in poverty.


  • Loans from 10,000 to 100,000

  • 5% administrative fee (No other charges)

  • 6-month loan tenure

  • Two-week grace period

  • Daily Collections


  • First, you must have a BVN.

  • Next, you must belong to an accredited market association or cooperative registered in your state or with the CAC.

  • Your market association, cooperative or trade group must nominate you for a loan and must be willing to stand in as your guarantor.

  • Your market association, cooperative or trade group must be registered with BOI.

  • You must have a business location which will be verified by MarketMoni agents.


Applying for the BOI marketMoni business loan is easy and convinient.
Members of an accredited market association, cooperative or trade group who have valid BVNs and whose business locations can be verified can apply following these procedures:

Confirm from your association, cooperative or trade group leadership that they are registered at the State or National (CAC) level.

Get your association, cooperative or trade group to register for BOI accreditation by going to BOI accreditation portal at

Your association, cooperative or trade group are required to send an email to BOI at [email protected] to confirm the completion of steps 1 and 2 above and include a copy of the group's State/National registration certificate.

BOI will engage with your association, cooperative or trade group to validate registration. MarketMoni agents will, thereafter, visit your group to register you for loan consideration.

Loan is conviniently released directly to you after registration approval and loan confirmation.