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Get Instant Loan Without Collateral From Paylater

If you are in an emergency situation and needed an urgent "short term loan" of N10,000 repayable within 2 weeks or 1 month period, then your worries might just be over if it is the exact thing that you are looking for.

You can now borrow N10,000 online immediately and your account will be  credited same day in less than 10 hours without any collateral.
Kudos to the genuine "Nigerian online lending platform Paylater that have taken it upon themselves to bail out honest Nigerians who might be needing urgent N10,000  (or below) to solve their immediate finacial problems.

In order to qualified to get the N10,000 loan payment into your account.
all you need is to be honest Nigerian with genuine intentions and must be willing or must pay back the loan within 15 days or 1 month period at interest rate of 1% daily.

Yes, 1% daily interest might be on the high side, but in an emergency situation, it can be negligible.

We are going to be simplifying virtually all you need to apply for the N10,000 loan on Paylater platform in order for you to get immediate approval and the cash credited to your bank account same day.

Let’s begin on the stress free process you need to apply for an online N10,000 loan on Paylater platform.

Note the duration of the loan is of 2 categories, the 15 days repayment plan and 30 days plan.

It is now left for you to choose the category of the loan you will want to apply for.
Now here are the basic four steps required to apply and get a N10,000 loan from Paylater

·     Visit  register and make a loan request

·     Introduce yourself by filling and providing the necessary details for immediate review

·     If approved, the money will be credited to your account same day (even on holidays)

·     Repay your loan within the stipulated period (15days load or 30days loan)

To further simplify things for you, we are going to be detailing the prerequisite details that you will be required to supply on the second stage above on your loan request.

The prerequisite requirements are;

·     You must own a Facebook account as registration is only via Facebook account log in

·     You must enable location on your device, by switching on location (GPS) on phones

·     Bank account number and Bank Verification Number (BVN)

·     Phone number and email address as you will be asked to verify them

Other requirements are;

·     Home address (owned or rented home)

·     School, course or program and duration

·     Two of your friends name will be needed

·     Job status (employed, self-employed, unemployed)

·     Salary level for workers

·     Monthly feeding, transportation and mobile airtime recharge spending estimate

·     The type of phone and if you are a car owner will also come up.

The whole process is just like the simple online survey you take sometimes.
Supplying all those details and at Paylater discretion after review will most likely grant you a loan approval within N10,000.

If approved, you will get a mail and message on your phone after reviewing your details in few minutes or hours and your bank account will be credited; if not approved, you will equally get disapproval message.
Be aware that most people easily get approval and get their accounts credited within 12 hours.
You might want to know what will happen if you fail to meet up your repayment due time.

It has great consequences for refusal to pay back your loan as they will surely come after you as Paylater apart from having your bank details and BVN, they will also involve external agents to come after you.

In order to make the whole process of borrowing and repaying smooth, on your part, do endeavour at all cost to pay back your loan within the stipulated time.

If you know you don’t have the intention to pay back or you cannot pay back, please simply don’t borrow in order to avoid stories that touch.