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The future of modern #civilization is made either in China or the United Arab Emirates. Yes, you may find it difficult to understand the growing
power of the United Arab Emirates in the middle east, but just watch it. We will not focus on the United Arab Emirates in this article though.
The #future of modern civilization is made either in China or the United Arab Emirate. Only Israel can boast of having the capacity to sustain its industrial economy at a competitive rate without relying on China. Whereas in countries like #Nigeria, the whole nation celebrates when a certified #engineer is able to make a toy drone. #Science students in secondary #schools are still being engaged in labelling grasshopper, doing titration, and measuring the speed of moving objects in labs as final year project. Whereas 12 years old kids are making phones in China. Let us talk about America also.
The America of today is made in China, heavily and crazily indebted to China, and its industrial #economy faces the risk of being destroyed by China. Spend time to look at the books, do not be carried away by the exaggerated myth of "American Greatness". Swallow the bitter pill. America can become great again, but currently it cannot exist without China.
The election that brought Donald Trump to power on the "Make #America Great Again" mantra is a proof that the only power left in America that makes it stand out in the world, that guarantees the possibility of it rising in the future to rival China is its relatively pure #democracy, its relatively superior military might, and the unrivaled patriotism of her citizens - of which the latter is the greatest.
#China is not the villain in this story. She is a nation that has paid her dues through hard work, radical industrial revolution and ruthless economic #competition to make their nation great. Her rising power is well earned. If it is right for America to try to be great again, it is immoral for any body to complain about the growing power of China. It just does not make sense.
The power of China today is such that over 90% of everything used in America is made in China and the U.S is helplessly indebted to her. That is great power. Ask any economist, you will understand the implications of such power that China has over the U.S.
What should African leaders learn from this? Does it make sense for African leaders to continue to give America monopoly in salient areas in international relations ?
I recommend that our arms should be as opened to China as it is open to America. From our partnership with America we can continue to grow our democracy but in the aspect of infrastructural deficit that currently plagues Africa, we need to do good business with China and be courageous enough to face the consequences. We too should make "Making Africa Great Again" our priority. Yes, make 'Africa great again' because it was great before. Take a look at the ancient pyramids. Today's technology of the rest of the world is still unable to build it. Yes, my name is Lucky Okoedion. You can take my words to the bank.
The current strategy of importing human resources from China and giving them market and natural resources in return is a horrible partnership arrangement.
If I were in government in Nigeria, I would passionately use my influence to ensure that our Universities partner with Chinese companies for internship for all our science students beginning from primary school level. Yes, as early as primary school. 60% of the time currently spent in schools in Nigeria learning theories and irrelevant stuff will be spent in practical craftsmanship, technology and industry. This is the radical industrial revolution we need in Africa.
We need strong leaders who have the courage to disrupt the current systems and passionately pursue a paradigm shift. Leaders who can question the status quo and provide real change, not the 2015 APC kind of change that was marketed in Nigeria. We need the type of radical change that helped China to rise up to its current level within few decades. If China can do it without democracy and little or no foreign aid, we have a better chance with democracy and good international collaboration. With over 180 million people in Nigeria, all we need is leaders who have the intellectual stamina, business mind, integrity and courage to achieve this. Go get your PVC, it is time to overhaul a segment of our leadership in Nigeria. 2019 should not be business as usual. Meanwhile we applaud the Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government of Nigeria for recently working on a currency swap deal with China. But we need a technology swap deal next. God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa !
I remain
Lucky Okoedion.