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FALL OUT  OF APC WARD CONGRESS:  A Vindication Of My Resignation...... Hon Pius Alile 

I do not intend to interfere in the internal issues of APC and some of their internal crisis associated with just concluded ward congress, but for recent events in relation to some historical facts, let me
put some records straight. I am particularly not surprised with events and disputes that emanated from the congress purportedly conducted in my local govt, Egor local govt area. I have read accusations and counter accusation from parties involved in disputes. I am familiar with some of these issues, some of which necessitated my exit from the party many months ago. You will recall that I raised in my letter of resignation from the party that some elements in the party, particularly a serving house of assembly member with few others have hijacked the party. I went further to say party meetings were held at the residence of this said legislator. I further claimed that it was a contravention of the party's constitution. My assertion many months ago have now come to hurt and harm the just concluded wards congress across the local govt. The Hon Chairman of Egor local govt Eghe Ogbemudia has now reiterated my reasons in her letter. I want to say I have been vindicated and justified. I want to say you cannot build a party on falsehood, and lawlessness  and expect to succeed. This lawlessness in APC is growing in wider dimension and resulting in thuggery and violence. For example, Edo South senator was molested at the Benin airport by APC youths for exercising his constitutional rights and mandates. During the last local govt elections some thugs from APC led by one purported leader from ward 4, Egor local govt beat up and molested ADP chairmanship candidate and councillor. APC as a party in Edo state and Egor local govt is becoming notorious in perpetuating  violence. Some APC youths needs a new political orientation and must desist and challenge the evil old order. I challenge them to align their thoughts and ideas wit the new political wave that is currently blowing across the state and local govt. Yes, I can now see some new individuals  within the APC party challenging the evil status quo. The recent ward congress in Egor local govt is a challenge to the evil order represented and led by this serving house of assembly member. My political foresights in disengaging from APC some months ago and joining Action Democratic Party represents a new order and a new way of doing politics. ADP is a symbol of fairness, equity and justice. We believe in developmental politics and not violence and thuggery. Politics of thuggery will not hold sway in 2019. We shall engage issues and prepare for victory. Hon Pius Alile. ADP House of Rep Aspirant Egor/Ikpoba Okha Federal constituency, Edo state.