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He was born 26 December, 1906 and bought the farm on 6 February, 1985. He was a British writer. He was born RENE BRABAZON RAYMOND. He wrote under the following pseudonyms or pen names

James Hadley Chase
James L Dorcherty
Raymond Marshall
Raymond R
Ambrose Grant
He was the best thriller writer of all times. He wrote 90 novels with 50 being made into movies. His prolific genre consisted of
Crime fiction
His first novel, "No Orchids for Miss Blandish" was published in 1939 and his last, "Hit them where it Hurts" was in 1984.
No matter how many books you have read in your life, if you never read or has not read a copy of James Hadley Chase, I am afraid to say you have never really read.
This article is dedicated to all Chase buffs. Drop a Chase title to show some love and keep him alive.
Me: "There is a Hippie on the Highway"
Let's roll until we name all the 90 titles.
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Credit: Toff Kulere.