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1. Whenever he sees a rising star, he will pick the person and make the star BRIGHTER than he met it.
Nobody was not helped directly or indirectly by Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Prophet Joshua Iginla was helped,

Papa Oyedepo was helped,
Papa Ayo was helped,
Papa suleman was helped,
Papa Abraham was helped,
Papa Wale was helped,
Papa Duncan Williams was helped,
Papa Chris was helped too.
Show me any shining star in Nigeria and beyond that was not helped directly or indirectly by Archbishop Benson Idahosa
If you were helped by these men or those these men has helped, then you were helped by Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Can fathers of today emulate the Archbishop Benson Idahosa?
Everyone sings his praises including our reigning fathers that he helped them, but how many are they helping?
Thank God for few of them I won't mention here who are impacting other younger ones to preserve the legacy
Majority have received help from Archbishop Benson Idahosa, but are not willing to help others
If the way fathers are placing curses left, right, front, back and center today on sons/daughters
That was how Archbishop Benson Idahosa did, none of them would have survived because they also offended him
Some betrayed him, some stole his money, some lied against him, some broke his church at least I know one in warri.
Fathers stop raining curses on sons and daughters, and start raining blessings to preserve the future legacy Archbishop Benson Idahosa left behind
If not, our future will be disastrous
2. He gave out most of his platforms, contacts and connections to his sons/daughters
Lot of Nigerians in different countries were Archbishop Benson Idahosa's handwork
Any international invitation, he will pick at least two or more persons, and leave them there for greener pastures
Thank God for Papa suleman of the omega fire ministry who is doing same now
Archbishop Benson Idahosa never went alone, he never ate alone, he never did ministry alone
He involved most of his sons and daughters, trusted or not, reliable or not
All he wanted was impact, but little did he knew he was preserving legacy
Today fathers are protecting little platforms, contacts and connections from sons and daughters
even their own altar that will explode their sons and daughters ministry is being guided like gate of heaven
Just a little recommendation from you sir/ma can make your sons and daughters succeed in ministry
Don't give them money, just give them recommendations
They will say keep following, is been 10years now the young man and woman has followed yet not even contact to Benin Republic
I followed for 17yeays so no father will say I am cursed
Some curses no dey work for innocent people body like us
Any person I work for who curse me go collect inherited battles of my father's house
That is why lot of their churches are not moving forward because of wickedness against sons and daughters
Keeping on following o........
But for me anyone who nor wan help me should let me be jare....
When your sons and daughters succeed in ministry you will enjoy them except they are bad and ungrateful sons and daughters
If you die now sir. What will you be remembered for?
Genuine fathers take pleasure in introducing their sons and daughters
3. He was always protecting others whether they were sons and daughters or not
Read history, Archbishop Benson Idahosa never fought anyone including those who broke his church
Even when they came back he still forgave them
When you listen to our generals today you will see competition, jealousy, manipulation and all kinds of unhealthy stuffs
I do crusade in Asaba, the other person wants to do, I built 50 thousand seaters, the other person wants to build.
Life of competition everywhere......
Submission has turned slavery that this father won't allow his sons and daughters to visit the other father
This church won't allow his sons and daughters to visit or support the other church
Please let us pray for more Archbishop Benson Idahosa because if they don't come out now, the future will be disastrous
If our generals today were fathered by Archbishop Benson Idahosa and they are like these
What will happen now that they are fathering us to be denominational, tribalistic, favouritism and self centered?
When you make posts like this they said you are judging fathers and they will Mark you as rebel
Please after reading, share to help others because we need more persons to rise like the Archbishop Benson Idahosa: