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Ogun, Olokun, Oronmila, ihaominigbon (Ifa), Oguega, Esago are BENIN ORIGIN - worshiped by Yorubas and many other ethnic group in Nigeria :

Agha gue oko se adase eze obele ma na ghi gua, a ghi ye ekho gua!"

(When you paddle a canoe to the middle of the sea and the paddle fails to move the canoe, you use the mind to move it!)

Obokhian (Welcome)! This is a research Temple of African Mysticism & Holistic Science that is dedicated to the promotion, instruction and preservation of the indigenous religions spiritual sciences and culture of the Great Benin Empire and Africa as a whole.

The Edo people trace their indigenous spiritual sciences to the well known and ancient kingdom of Egypt. It is through Egypt that most African magic and spiritual sciences had its origin. Egypt, an African civilization, spread its spiritual sciences through the continent by traders, scholars and those priest that fled Egypt as a result of several invasions. However, this magic/medicine probably predates Egypt because it was already at a advanced level when it arrived there.

From Egypt spread its spiritual sciences that manifest in one form or another in smaller increments to the rest of Africa and subsequently to the world. Therefore, it is through African spiritual sciences that one can get a closer view at the remnants of Egyptian magic.

Edo cosmology is a unification of monotheism and polytheism. Monotheism because there is a high god that in uncontested. Polytheism because there are lesser deities that assist the high god in carrying out the order of the cosmos. The physical world is a reflection of the spiritual world. In order to understand indigenous African spiritual science, one must look at its deities.

Ebo (Edo Deities)

The deities of Great Benin are very powerful and ancient. Most are aggressive deities and work swiftly.

Osanobua (God Almighty)

Osanobua is the indigenous Supreme Deity of the people of Great Benin. He is truly benevolent and grants most wishes with His powerful Ise (ase). Osanobua is God Almighty. Osa gha mudia ne ihokho, to setin bun ughavban–When God stands with the mushroom, it can break an axe.

Uhunmwun (personal deity of your head)

Uhunmwun is the personal deity of the Head. Your Head controls the implementation of your destiny and good luck. Your Uhunwun enables you to be successful. The Head controls the body or hands. The hands allow the ideas of the Head to manifest. Obo a mien uhumwun, evbie–If the hand does not meet the head it does not sleep! Uhunmwun is what Yoruba worship as Ori and Ori Inu.

Oronmila/Orunmila (deity of wisdom)

Oronmila is an indigenous deity of wisdom. In addition, Oronmila is one of the great oracles of Benin. He is the same as the Yoruba Orunmila or Ifa. Oronmila is a divination deity. There are many divination deities and systems in Africa. The oracle travelled. .

Oguega (deity of wisdom)

Oguega or Iha Ominigbon refers both to the indigenous system of divination in Great Benin, as well as the prophet who brought it to Benin City. Identical to Ifa divination, although more concise and faster. Agan ma bie ukpoko l ra of Oguega egba! Ominigbon/Oguega and Oronmila/Orunmila are brothers. In Great Benin, Oguega is on a higher order of divination than Oronmila/Orunmila.

Esu (deity of confusion)

Esu is an ancient deity in Great Benin and is the messenger who takes sacrifice to erinmwin (spirit world). Sacrifice is essential to indigenous African religion and spirituality. Therefore, Esu place of importance is very lofty. Esu mu iyeke de owa, o no ovbukho. A kpe ghe te o ghi mu ero de ode vbo?–Esu puts his back against the house and asked for a he goat. If he had put his face to the house, what then?Contrary to earlier misinformation by prejudiced scholars, he is not the equivalent of the Western devil. There is no devil concept in indigenous African religion and spirituality.

Olokun (deity of ocean and water)

Olokun is the indigenous deity of Great Benin who represents wealth and children. Olokun is probably the most famous Edo deity. He is the deity of the Ocean and is depicted as a Oba (king). All waters and wealth flow from Olokun. Eze/amen vben eghian–Water has no enemy!

Osun (deity of medicine and magic)

Osun is the indigenous deity of magic and medicine in Great Benin. He owns all the leaves, roots, stems, herbs and instruments employed in medicine/magic. He controls the magic and medicine of the herbalist, native doctors, babalawos, priest, wizards and witches. Osun is represented by the snake–similar to ancient Kmt powerful vital force. Osun’s sacred colors are red and black. Yoruba calls Osanyin (Osain) have many of the same attributes.

Ogun (deity of war)

Ogun Ye! Ogun is the indigenous deity of iron, metals and war. Ogun is the pathfinder. Ogun is the path clearer. Ogun is the trailblazer. Ogun is the innovator, the engineer, the great transformer. Ogun is one of the indigenous national deities of Edo. Every person that works with iron or metal is beholden to Ogun. Ogun is fierce! Ogun is a hot deity, ready to go to war at a moments notice. He will fight for you. Ebo ne o we: Gha re Ogun? Ukpokpo o re a ya gben ya are ere–The gods stay _Who is Ogun?” He is the cutlass that clears the path to the shrine.

However, Ogun brought metal instruments to civilization. He is what makes us civilized by creating the tools that allows us to mold the material world from our dreams. If you want to achieve something, call Ogun. Ogun’s color is scarlet red (ododo). His number is seven (ihinron). He will fight for you!

Esango (deity of lighting/fire)

Esango is the deity of lightning and fire. He represents the ultimate male. He is a hot deity. A strong man and great lover. His voice is thunder! Esango’s colors are red and white. What Yoruba worship as Sango.

Eziza (deity of whirlwind)

Eziza is the deity of the whirlwind and medicine. Just like the wind, he can be all over the world at the same time! Eziza is also associated with the Ason (Night beings). Eziza gie obo se. Eziza gie ebo w’ egbe–Eziza let the medicine be potent. Eziza let the medicine work in the body. His colors are red, white and black. Yoruba worship as Aziza.

Ake (deity of hunting)

Ake is the indigenous deity of hunting and archery. Ake does not miss his target! Ake uses magical arrows during the hunt. He is very similar to Ochossi.

Ovia (river deity)

Ovia is the deity of the Ovia river. She is very similar to Yemaya.

Obiemwen (deity of childbirth)

The eldest child of Osanobua. She bestows wealth, and children. Uhe ne iro–Vulva-opening of the wide road. eEdion (ancestors and Elders)

Edion (ancestors and elders)

Edion are the family ancestors. Edion also serves as a name for the senior elders. This is a reference to the high regard and place of honor this age group is held in. Africa was once administered by a gerontocracy. An elder sitting down can see father that a young man standing up! Emwe n’erha mwen gha ma, Mwen m’ i me gha ya yi. Ede ghe gha rie ota gha gbe eko egbe–It is the words my father tells me that I will always believe. When you become oder, you will understand the inner feelings of others. Yoruba worship as Egun.

Azen (witches and wizards)

Azen is the indigenous word that refers to witches, wizards. Similar to the rest of creation, they asked Osanobua (God Almighty) for permission to come to the world. Azen can help or harm. For there to be day, there also must be night. No oko Azen, Azen gbe! No weghe uloko egbere e ro weghe– He who shakes the iroko tree shakes himself! The same Yoruba call Aje or Brujas.

Ogiuwu (deity of death)

Ogiuwu is the King of Death. He feeds on the human populace. His wives are sickness and disease. Everyone must meet him some day! Divination offers a way to postpone that inevitable encounter. Ede gha gbe ma ghogho ama ghi ren ghe ede ehi oya gba–while we celebrate the dawn of a new day, we do not realise that the day of destiny draws closer.

This is only a short list of Edo deities. There are many others. Some say 201. 201 represents an infinite number for the Edo.