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Buhari and the Burden of Antiquity. By Gboyega Adejumo

Contrary to what obtains out there about the persona, a person is not what people often say of him, rather a person is mostly what he thinks...
And this is where Buhari has repeatedly shown himself, clearly enough, but people make him to be something
else, far removed from reality..
The Buhari of the Nigerian psyche is largely created by what people say of him... If only people will see the way Buhari thinks..
This is where I must give honor to Senator Abaribe for truly stating Buhari's persona and helping others in putting to use a template for deciphering Buhari's way of thinking.
If only people will pause... A thinking process is simple enough to decode.
Who Buhari is, is what Buhari thinks.
I will explain.
Buhari said in London only a few days ago, that the people responsible for the killings in Nigeria are renegades from Libya. Note, he didn't say Terrorists.
But this is not new from Buhari... I saw a tape of Buhari saying this same thing, about a year ago... He was sitting down in his office and saying the exact things he said in London that only now appears to be gaining entry into people's consciousness.
It was after Buhari had mentioned this Libya Gaddafi angle in the said tape, that Buhari told the Benue people to accommodate the Killers. Just like it was months after too, that the Inspector General of police blamed the sesame killings on the Grazing bills enacted by some states, even though Kogi did not enact such a bill, but the killings also touched that state severely.
It was also Buhari had first said this same story of Libya and Gaddafi about a year ago, that the Defense and the Interior ministers also spoke of Cattle routes and Grazing bills as causes of the killings.... These Truths are all too documented to be repeated again and again...
What is important, truly important is what a cow has made of President Buhari... And this too, I shall explain.
In saying then and now that Libya and Gaddafi are responsible for these killings in Nigeria, simply have revealed how fossilized in the way of thinking, Buhari Truly is.. Entrenched, embedded into his psyche is this explanation, which awfully belies his manner of thinking...
Remember, what we think, we become.
Just the small matter of how sensible that thinking is, of Buhari and his ability, capacity and reliability to process his thinking before forming into words, should be to all, our utmost concern!
First of all, where is Libya...?
Libya is that place across the Sahara that borders the Mediterranean sea, the gateway to Europe. It will be surprising to know if Buhari realizes that Libya does not share borders with Nigeria.
In Truth, Six countries share borders with Libya —Niger, Chad, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and North Sudan!
The curious thing is that Muamar Gaddafi died in 2011...
Buhari claims these people killing us were trained by Gaddafi, and one would have expected them to revenge the death of Gaddafi by going after the supposed Western Collaborators in Europe via perhaps Al Qaeda or ISIS..!
And Buhari should have asked himself, how come there are no recorded cases of Fulani herdsmen killings in any of the six countries with direct borders with Libya.. But somehow, the herdsmen moved into Nigeria, and into places like Benue, Plateau, Nassarawa, that are further down from places like Katsina, Sokoto, Kano, which border Chad and Niger, which border Libya...
Why travel down a further 700 kilometres to Kogi, when you can jolly well do All the killings in Katsina, Kano, Sokoto!??
Like an old Antique, Effigy, Buhari remains immobile, unprogressive, fixated, stagnated, inept, inadept in his thinking, which renders him, Incompetent!
Senator Abaribe was Right.
But also Wrong.
Buhari is incompetent in so far as his ability to think any further than what may appear a little effort agreeable with his ken, stops him from further processing every bit of information... But to say Buhari is incompetent as to not knowing how to handle a threat to security is, wrong.
Buhari only lives for his cows... He said that as much. Buhari lives to feed the North from the oils of the South, we know as much. To kill anyone hampering his way to both cow and oil is the way Buhari thinks.. And that is the character of a man, the character of Buhari.
Finding an excuse is easy...
Buhari did not hesitate to send Troops to the south East, and hundreds were killed in days as Buhari clamped down on the IPOB.
Buhari did same in the Niger Delta... But in the North Central Buhari's killing machine, the military suddenly became dumb, they became bystanders... The Muamar Gaddafi trained Killers, Terrorists, suddenly became Kinsmen that the military turned, "Neutral" to the killings of Invading forces...
Buhari has refused to call them Terrorists, but the IPOB that Did Not Kill anyone is a Terror Group.
Buhari is Not incompetent in building a Railway to Niger from his hometown of Daura... No!
Likewise is Buhari not incompetent in not knowing what to do to safeguard Nigeria from Gaddafi Terrorists... Buhari is simply enabling the invasion of Nigeria along the way his mind works — The subjugation of the minorities in the North and the continued lordship of the North over the other southern tribes... And even the way he goes about all of these are as simple as connecting the dots from Benue to Libya, bypassing Kano and Katsina.
Buhari knows what Buhari is doing...And he has not shifted a bit from it. It is only left for Nigerians to know the answer they will give to him. Nothing is as clear as the said and unsaid words, his thinking reverberates through his body language, goofs and gaffes.. Forget, "President Merkel", of, "West Germany", forget "Swiss Francs", forget, "Osunbade", the Libyan/Gaddafi angle is the ultimate faux pas, the true and concise manner of how he thinks.. It is a Dummy, it is a Limitation, it is an Excuse, It is a Taqiyya, It is the character of the man, all rolled into one!
It is how Terror is used to conquer.