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The daily intake of tramadol by youths has become something different in all parts of the world especially in the Africa continent where it is consumed as food on daily basis by those who has taken
it as food or for something otherwise.
The consumption of tramadol by the youths of today has drastically becomes a threat to national peace, security and welfare of the citizens of every nation where the intake is rampant and lugubrious. In the case of Nigeria, many has indulged in the act of tramadol taking on daily basis for the exercise of various duties which is yet to be ascertained by the general public and medical experts.
The consumption of tramadol has become worrisome as majority has turned it to food which without taking it for a day cannot get themselves.
The question is still very simple,,, what are they actually doing with it? nobody knows. Some claimed that today's youths use it especially when they want to indulge in all forms of abnormalities such as sexual inter course, working et al. While others asserted that the intake of tramadol is normal as those who pertake in the intake are not usually into something otherwise as purported by the public.
As this development continues, many medical experts around the globe have called for halt to the incessant intake of the drug which they alleged may not help the patient on the long run.
Despite the clamour to stop the consumption of the drug many nations especially those in Africa has refused to obey to the clarion call which has made the World Health Organization, WHO to develop the mindset and thought that it's not what they were actually thinking but the otherwise has become the order of the day.
In conclusion, I am calling on those consistently practicing the intake of this drug to desist as it contains some hazardous and horrendous elements which are very harmful to the humans heath as claimed by doctors or medical experts.