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The Same Brother of Ours who gave his life by giving himself as hostage to a terrorist —-

Press Release of 24 March 2018 The Grand Lodge of France pay tribute to his brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame It is with great emotion that the brothers of the grand lodge of France
learned today the death of their brother, Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, member of the respectable lodge jérôme bonaparte in the east of rueil-Nanterre. They associate themselves to pay a heartfelt tribute to this man "party to hero", which has demonstrated a sense of duty and exemplary sacrifice. This act of bravery and its fearless patriotism saved lives and recalls that we must never bow to barbarism. All the thoughts of our brothers accompany his family at this moment of great sadness. The Grand Lodge of France continues to salute the representatives of the forces of the Republic order that fight all forms of ostracisme, xenophobia and terrorism, in a word to all forms of discards of others, our brothers and sisters in humanity . Philippe Charuel Grand Master of the grand lodge of France