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The Oba of Benin, Omo N' Oba N' Edo. Uku Akpolokpolo Oba Ewuare Ogidigan II Today the 9th day of March 2018, descended on Human Traffickers, Land grabbers and Speculators, Cultists etc.

Edo .indigenes made to take oath to travel abroad has been freed and void by the Oba.
Native doctors involved has been told to reverse, renounce and dismantle such oath immediately as the Oba used his power to free all Edo indigenes wherever they are.

The Oba placed course on such native doctor and the" contract madam" who engages in such business again. .
All Benin priest, priestesses native doctors, chiefs, ediowere, Market women etc were present.
Various sacrifices were offered before they were all asked to go round Streets in Benin to course any likely violator henceforth.
No to human trafficking.
No to Land Grabbers and Speculators.
No to Cultism.
No to any person or persons trying to cause problems in the kingdom and those trying to annex either by ommision or commission any land of the Oba.
Oba Ghato Okpere ...