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The 73 years old man whose age was reduced to 42 by a Police Officer and charged to Court with Murder has gained his freedom.

You will recall that about three weeks ago, I reported on Social Media how a Police Officer attached to Homicide Unit of Edo State Police Command Headquarters charged an old man to Court with Murder
after reducing his age from 73 to 42 as a result of the inability of his family to pay him (IPO) a whopping sum of #500,000 for bail. Even when it is obvious that the two parties had resolved their matter through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and affidavit of withdrawal was deposed at the State High Court by the Complainant to that effect.
As the mouthpiece of the flotsam and jetsam in our society, We did file formal petitions on behalf of the family of the accused to the appropriate authorities who took judicial notice of our humble and gracious prayers and grant same after meeting with both families of the parties involved.
The old man sang the song of freedom upon his release from Freedom Republic (Oko Prison) after spending 25 days in Police custody and another 31 days in Prison custody.
We shall continue to render help to the innocent , the hapless, the helpless and the voiceless in prison and police custodies pro bono publico to decongest our prisons. All we need is support from our brothers and sisters who believed so much in justice, equity and freedom.
Our research shows that Oko Minimum Prison was built to accommodate 230 inmates but presently the lock up is between 864 and 1252 which is not healthy enough for the system.
Special thanks to Ministry of Justice for rapidly attending to our cry for justice.
Uhuru is achievable.