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Statue of the Giant Arhuanran Of Udo

This giant statue was sculptured to the memory of Arhuanran{Goliath type stature}a very powerful warrior and ruler of Udo. Oba Esigie {About 1504-1550AD} ascended the Benin throne at the peak of
a war threat from Udo. Esigie in Benin City and Arhuanran in the town of Udo, about 20 miles from Benin City to the northwest. Udo then, was an important centre almost as large and powerful as
Benin City. His brother Arhuanran who was tricked from ascending the Benin throne due to palace intrigues, decided to go into battle with the new Oba. The battle was fought and won by Oba Esigie. Arhuanran drowned himself in Lake Odighi N’Udo.
Chief Osemwughe the Iyase of Udo took arm again against the monarchial authority to avenge the defeat and the death of Arhuanran his master cut the victory celebration short.
Oba Esigie launch a war on Udo once again .Udo was destroyed chief Osemwughe and his rebel armies fled. West of Benin kingdom now part of Yoruba land.
Oba Esigie determine to put an end to Udo rebellion once and for all. Sent royal troops under the command of Odobo and Aile to pursue them in the process the Benins royal army builds military camps {Eko} along the way some of these camps {Eko} are now towns in Yoruba land.
Some of the Camps are camp Odobo {Eko-Odobo} name after general Odobo contracted into Akotogbo and camp Ikalo {Eko-Aile}name after general Aile was contracted to Ikale.
Osemwughe and his militants gave themselves up; when they could not face the war machines of the Benins royal troops much longer.
They were later given a royal pardons by Oba Esigie but decided not to return to Udo .chief Osemwughe and his party were called Emma n’ Udo{the Udo deserters} which was later contracted to Ondo and the leader of the militants chief Osemwughe was mispronounced Osemawe a title by which all Ondo monarchs are now know...........