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Security votes and the injustice it has brought upon Nigerians.

The greatest disservice to the Nigerian people just now is the enormous legal and illegal powers enjoyed by those elected to serve them. There is a sense in which actions and inaction of government are seemingly tailored to make merchandise of the people and chief of this vice is the regime of what
is termed "security votes".
These monies allocated to the President and Governors is one cancer that we must destroy if Nigeria must live to her full potential in the future.
As a student of the constitution, I have flipped from page to page and I couldn't the legality or constitutionality backing the allocation of security votes and frivolous spending of same by holders of executive office in Nigeria. From whence then did this practice find it's place in our democracy so much so that the President and his Governors can allocate to themselves whatever amount they please and spend it on whatever item they please and as if that wasn't bad enough, they are given the latitude of giving account of these monies to nobody.
If the law says that all spendings of tax payers monies be appropriated for by the National Assembly, to what end is the un-appropriated security votes enjoyed by the President and 36 other folks elected to be governors legal in our democracy.
This has been a practice borrowed from the Military into our democracy and In my view,it is of great injustice and a veritable bugaboo that must be boo-booed by all composmentis homosapiens who are bothered about the direction our country is headed today.
It is a fact that some of our governors allocate as much N500million monthly to themselves as security votes and whereas these monies should be tailored towards providing better security for the state as well as procuring security intelligence as it was during the Military to prevent coups but alas! these monies are spent on just anything the governor wishes and this continues every month till he/she leaves office.
How can we tackle corruption and demand accountability from government when this practice is allowed to fester and given some sort of legality while the security of the people and their welfare thereof isn't seen to be the priority of the government as should be. This is one reason why political actors would do just anything to become Governors or the Presidents so as to lay hold on these monies and deploy same for self.
One can only look forward to the day therefore where Nigerians across political,ethnic and religious interests will speak up and speak out in one voice against this thieving practice and demand that government be more responsive even as fiscal rascality and squander-mania be abolished from the running of government.
How can we explain the fact that the Federal and state governments borrow money to fund the budget, mortgaging our future and that of our children only to waste a chunk of these monies on items they won't account for...
Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor
Wrote from Useh village,Benin city.

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