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Itsekiri Names And Their Meaning

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Alero — Female firstborn

Abidemi (Demi) - A child born before either the father or grandparents arrive 

Aboyowa (Oyo) - Child that brought joy

Arenyeka (Yeka) — You cannot walk the universe

Besida (Besi) — As destiny dictates/decides

Dolor — Money

Ebeji — Twins

Orighomisan (Misan) — My head is good

Toritsefe (Tofe) — What God wants

Agbeyegbe — You do not live forever

Agboghoroma (Roma/Ogho) — You cannot buy a child with money

Asorkpinmi (Aso) — I am tired of criticism

Atigbinolaye (Atigbin) — Remember who helped you

Atigbioritse (Itse) — Remember God

Atsegbaghan (Aghan) — Give them help

Edema — Gentleman

Edemadiden (Diden/Edema) — Gentleman with light skin

Edemadudun (Dudun/Edema) — Gentleman with dark skin

Edematie (Edema) — Small gentleman

Mene — First

Ofoeghareno (Ofeno) — Our elders speak the words of wisdom

Ofortokun (Otokun) — Nobody listens to poor men

Okorodudun (Okoro/Dudun) — Black guy

Okorotie (Okotie) — Small guy

Omatseye (Tseye) — Child is life

Toghanranrose (Toghanro) — Our enemies’ plans have failed

Towuaghantse — You act the way you want

Ayirioritse (Ayiri) — You should praise God

Ayonuwe (Ayo) — The blessing of today

Babaludewa (Oludewa) — The reincarnation of Our Father

Ebieshuwa (Shuwa) — Family is fortune

Ebisanjuwa (Ebisan) — Family is more than fortune

Ereofooluwa (Ofoluwa / Oluwa ) — God’s word is fulfilling

Esigbone (Gbone) — The law of the people

Esijolomisan (Misan/Jolomi) — I am moving in the direction of prosperity

Eyimofe (Mofe) — This is what I want

Eyituoyo (Tuoyo) — This is enough to be happy

Ofeoritse (Ofe) — The gift from the Lord

Ofoluwafo (Ofo/Oluwa/Wafo) — God’s words

Ogungbemi (Ogbemi/Ogun) — Protected by the God of War

Ojobon (Obon) – Name for a child born on Market day

Oludewa (Olude) — Lord came back

Olumagin (Olu) — The king knows

Oritsemeyiwa (Meyiwa) — Brought by the Lord

Oritsemodupe (Dupe) — God I am grateful

Oritsemoyowa (Oyowa/Moyowa) — Joy from the Lord

Oritseretseoluwa (Sowa/Seoluwa) — God is my king