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Gabbage in Gabbage Out/Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet

Who among Buhari's inner circle is brilliant? Buhari himself is a dundee that stilll talks of West Germany and thinks he can stabilize global

oil prices. He is a man who did not know what oil subsidy was, calling it a lie under GEJ. He is bereft of any economic know-how. He then took a neophite like Kemi to manage the economy. He put Fashola, a lawyer, who has spent all his life in court and as governor in charge of WORKS and POWER and HOUSING. etc etc. You cannot point to A SINGLE TECHNOCRAT in this administration.
Compare it to Jonathan's that had an accomplished architect like Onolememnmen in works, an engineer and electrical genius like Barth Nnaji in power, The global collosus and Chief negotiator and reason for cancelation of Nigeria's debt Okonjo Iwealla, Shell boss for aeons and academic genius Deziani in petroleum, Akinwumi Adesina in Agric and Argangu, the master businessman and broker who brought in the FDI's and foreign companies under GEJ that Buhari's IDIOTIC DOLLAR POLICY drove away.
So when Bill Gates tells you Buhari's policies do not address Nigeria's needs, just know that from NOTHING must come NOTHING. It is Gabbage in gabbage out. You cannot give what you do not have aka Nemo dat quod non habet.