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Whenever you get tempted to cheat on your partner, these are the four questions you should first ask yourself before cheating on them.

I once read an inscription “cheating is easy, try something hard like being faithful”; that inscription passed a strong message to me and it got stuck ever since.
Cheating on your partner is definitely an easy choice to make but one that isn’t worth it; being a cheating partner means you are selfish, insensitive and a betrayer because you betrayed the trust in the relationship and the trust in your partner.
There are four questions I feel everyone in a relationship should ask before cheating on their partner.
1. How would you feel if your partner finds out? Cheating is usually done in the secret and the secrecy in cheating is strong motivation to continue cheating, because you feel you will never get caught; but one question every partner should ask before cheating is how proud or ashamed of your act would you feel if your partner finds out that you have betrayed his or her trust?
2. How would you feel if you were cheated on?
Being a cheating partner gives you that luxury of cheating and believing that your partner ought to remain faithful to you while you deviate from every promise you have made to that partner. Turn the table around for a second and imagine how it feels to be cheated on.
3. What would you really gain in hurting your partner?
Cheating hurts and the hurtful part of it is that the partner who promised to stay true to you does the direct opposite of that. Before cheating, every person should ask what would be the gain in hurting that partner that you promised to stay true to. Is there really any need to hurt your partner?
4. Would you want your relationship to end?
This is also another part many cheating partners are involved in; you cheat on your partner and still expect the relationship to continue without crashing, like nothing happened. First, if you still do care about your partner, you should ask yourself if you are ready for the relationship to end, and if you aren’t it should be a strong motivational factor to remain faithful.
Cheating may be fun, it might be exciting or probably adventurous but it is also a huge betrayal of trust, and once trust is gone it can hardly be built back. There is so much to lose if you cheat on a loving partner; so why take the risk? If you aren’t happy with you partner, address your concerns with them and solve them. If you can’t do that, just leave the relationship and find someone else you are comfortable with.