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Married female staff of Globacomm are currently in pains after the Chairman ,Mike Adenuga laid off over 150 of them,according to a reliable source, the management laid them off because they were
married and Mike Adenuga does not want married women in his company again....Read a post from one of the sacked female staff.
"I received a rude shock from the company I have served deligently for 13years yesterday. I, alongside almost 90 other married women were laid off simply because we are married and Dr. Mike Adenuga does not want any married woman in Globacom (Gloworld friendship centre).
I was laid off a company I dedicated my time & energy to, working tirelessly and always dedicated to my job giving my 200%. My family & friends would always say if I had a cut, my blood will be "green". Some of you would wonder what I was doing in Globacom for 13 good years, I will give you an insight of my story.
I joined the company a vibrant 22year old, freshly out of school graduate. I have worked with dedication, total commitment and loyalty. I can convinietly say I rose through the ladder being an outstanding staff and got whatever due given to such persons. Not a single one of the several bosses I have worked with can give negative report about me. I have trained several staff on the job and can proudly say that i was a good leader as I was a follower. So yes, I was not stagnant (considering that the company has no coherent organizational structure) and had every reason to believe that hard work & dedication pays until Globacom said otherwise.
We were replaced with males (some of whom have not earned the positions) single ladies (who have neither earned nor have any knowledge about the job) and newly recruited staff who are by the way poorly paid all in a bid to get rid of us.
How can experience be thrown away because of a so called new structure? How does a marital blessing with the gift of children suddenly become a dissabilty to work? I'm not certain there is anyone that wishes for their child, sister, friend or even herself to be unmarried and not have children. This act is a discrimination against gender and human rights to work. We were laid off with absolutely nothing in form of compensation for what they have done! We were used and thrown away with only one month salary in lieu which they promised to pay yesterday but have obviously failed to as usual. It is only in Globacom that such injustice can be done & feel "they" will get away with it. Please we need justice over the matter, kindly forward to as many of your contacts until justice prevails, this cannot be swept under the carpet! Thank you"
One of the affected married former staff of Globacom who does not want her name mentioned in Enugu told Chijiokibeblog that most of them are now in a state of dileama as they do not know how to do any other work apart from telecommunication, having spent a greater part of their life with Globacom. The woman asked rhetorically, " just look at me now. Where do I go from here. No pension, no gratuity or security of any sort apart from one month salary in lieu of notice paid us"
The woman said that Adenuga made them to sign undertaking never to move to another telecom once they started with Globacom , and that made most of them to become more dedicated to the work of the company only to be treated in this manner.
Our reporter discovered that the affected women who had already formed a pressure group are gearing up for a legal show down with the multi billionaire
It is only the coming days and weeks that will determine the battle line which has been drawn.. We can only say that the action of Globacom offends a part of the 1999 constitution as amended which is inconsistent with genda discrimination.