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ADP local Govt election campaign updates

The ADP campaign team led by Hon Pius Alile and other party leaders has been very successful as the grassroots development activities of Hon Pius Alile Coalition across the various communities in Egor has began to pay off for the party and it's candidates. Every day has now become a plus for ADP. The anticidentes of Hon Pius Alile has now position the Action Democratic Party(ADP) as a credible alternative for the people of Egor and the  entire state.
APC as a party is now afraid at the turn of events because of how the masses are now Begin to accept and embrace the ADP.
APC candidate and supporters are now under pressure, it is now,  they are gradding roads for votes.
Hon Pius Alile has succeeded in challenging the Status quo and changed the narrative of politics in our dear state. Politics of performance is gradually been entrench in place of the mony bag politics introduced by wicked politicians. APC is now fidgeting because any community they visit Alile has gone there through his works. The masses reject them any where they visit.
My people good name is better than riches now I understand when the bible said so. ADP is giving APC a fight for their money in Egor Local Govt Area. even when they are  conducting the election. EGOR IS NOT FOR SALE. Egor APC leaders are mounting pressure on the Governor to to write the result, they know in a free and fair election, they will lose.
Egor people are ready to vote their own Hon Pst Johnbull Agharese Adodo come Saturday, March 3rd. If a level playing ground is provided.