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Fanta originated in Germany in 1940 as a result of difficulties importing Coca-Cola ingredients into Nazi Germany during World War II.

Coca-Cola was growing rapidly in Germany and the rest of Europe in the pre-war years. Between 1933-39 the numbers of crates of Coke sold in Nazi Germany rose from about 100,000 to 4.5 million per year, and 50 factories were built to meet demand.

The brand was so popular that it became one of the official sponsors of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, widely seen as a propaganda event for Hitler.

But after war broke out in 1939 it became increasingly difficult to transport the syrups needed to make Coke to the German factories due to various embargoes on imports into the Nazi Reich. Because of this, production of Coke ceased in Germany during the war.

The head of the company in Germany, didn’t want to give up altogether though, so he got together a few readily available ingredients.

The recipe included scraps and leftovers from various industrial processes. Whey was used from milk factories and scraps of various fruits, mainly apples, from the fruit pressing factories were added with various other ingredients to make the drink.

The name was the result of a brief brainstorming session, which started with the head of the company exhorting his team to "use their imagination" (Fantastisch in German), to which one of his salesmen immediately retorted "Fanta!" #HistoryVille