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What is the price of fuel now in filling stations? Towards yuletide and New Year celebrations in December 017, we experienced fuel scarcity in this political administration that has often times
boasted of maintaining the provision of fuel since assumption in office.
Mass complaints followed the scarcity. There was wide spread criticisms on fuel scarcity during December period as most Igbos who do travel to their home lands felt it was a ploy by APC government to scuttle them from going. Aside that, to also make them spend so much for their journey to the South-eastern Nigeria.
We all spent as much money as possible the present government wanted us to spend in the cause of getting fuel to grease our vehicles to our ancestral homes. Hoping shortly that the scarcity would be over. But this has never been true. Since then till now, the price of fuel has not returned back to 145 per litre. It used to be. Despite there fake show on telecast shutting down filling stations that were selling above the unified price of fuel. Is that a deceit or what?
As it stands now, people still hustle to purchase fuel for their generators and vehicles. The price of fuel per litre is within the ranges of 190-200 and above in most filling stations across the country. Can we call this a clandestine to make Nigerians comply with the latest fuel price without a formal negotiation to increase it? I know that no sooner than later, loyal citizens of this country will adapt to the new system. And start buying fuel at what oil marketers have fixed it. While this present government remains silent on the issue. Can't you see failure looming in this political dispensation?