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The fool @ 60 called Chris Azebanwan. 

If I respond to Chris Azebanwan he will gain the popularity he desperately craves. His likes are better ignored.

Chris Azebanwan, We do not belong to the same class. You mistake your place at the dinner table. When I'm served you do the serving. You think because we have same first name and come from same village and occupying same office we are equals. Perish the thought!

Someone tell the clown that his being is tragic!

For your information,  Mr Chris Azebanwan, candidate Obaseki pressured me to accept his offer of medical treatment when he heard I took ill in Lagos on-board Prest Cruise yacht. Witnesses abound. I thanked him and politely declined the offer. As governor he made the offer again. And again, I declined.

But like They say, politics is a leveler, because chalattans like you and i would never have crossed paths.

Take this to the bank, the next time you say I asked, begged or solicited for funds for medical from anyone including your Governor, I will sue your ass!

Chris Azebanwan you are a gutless liar. You swore to your ancestors when I confronted you with your lies and here you are again repeating the same lies.
Enjoy your pitiable, miserable life.

Chris Osa Nehikhare