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The Charade Of The Stephanie Otobo's Confession & Apology

We see how this girl Stephanie Otobo has asked for forgiveness from HOLY APOSTLE instead of asking GOD to forgive her for sexual
intercourse with a married man. Despite all the previous irrefutable evidence provided including bank transfers both within Nigeria and to Canada, including an image of the Apostle's manhood amongst other material, she seems to have been bribed, or threatened or run out of money or feared for her family's safety , to such an extent that making a fake apology to the HOLY man of God , not for the sexual encounter but for the public revelation of this escapade, was the only logical course of action to save her 'HIDE'.

As one guy said in a youtube video, she did not deny a sexual encounter with the HOLY Man of God, rather she confessed that some politicians, who must have been privy to the Apostles extramarital affairs, bribed her to implicate him and make it public. The latter is possible knowing how some politicians already had a grievance against the so called Apostle.

Many intelligent people from both sides of the argument ,who have refused to be deceived by the latest development have been abused, cursed and threatened by the hysterical and fanatical hypnotised followers of the HOLY APOSTLE. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the charade that has now become Christianity in Nigeria. Nigerian Pentecostal sheeple will wish evil on anyone who dares question the integrity, credentials and authenticity of their own Man of God. Man has become GOD in Nigerian Pentecostalism and God has been relegated to the backburner while these vile men profane all that stands for holiness.

To the Nigerian sheeple, their man of God is a POPE, next to God himself, a semi mediator between God and Man, an epitome of truth and a master of all that pertains to spirituality. These Pentecostal Priests will sleep with multiple women, steal, lie, scam and engage in all sorts of esoteric diabolism, yet the sheeple will worship the ground on which they walk, kiss their finger and treat them like superstar celebrities.

Many of these people who worship these pastors will use curse words such as 'motherfucker', ' 'Bleep off and other unmentionable words to abuse unbelievers who they are supposed to bring to Christ ( a huge joke ). They will threaten you with fire and even untimely death for simply daring to question the integrity of their POPE. Can you then imagine what this girl Stephanie Otobo must have been through - death threats, family ostracization and the loss of funds. Not difficult to imagine why she backed down and gave a fake apology to appease the hysterical madness of the sheeple.

Its all a mess, and one day the truth will be let out of the bag into the public domain, in a more resounding and irrefutable manner.

"For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open."-
Luke 8:17