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Newborn found dead, stashed in plastic bag in Etihad Airways plane bathroom


Newborn found dead, stashed in plastic bag in Etihad Airways plane bathroom
A lifeless newborn baby boy was found wrapped in a plastic bag and stashed inside of an Etihad Airways plane on Saturday night

A cleaning crew reportedly discovered the baby inside of the bathroom, after the mother gave birth during the flight.
The New York Post reported that a 37-year-old Indonesian woman, identified by local media as Hani, was arrested after the cleaning crew made the horrific discovery at Jakarta International Airport on Saturday night, 
The woman, a migrant worker, is said to have started bleeding hours after the flight had taken off from Abu Dhabi, forcing the pilot to divert to Bangkok.
She was removed from the plane once it landed in the capital of Thailand and the dead baby was found inside a drawer in a lavatory only after the plane made it to its final destination, according to Sky News.
Confirming the sad occurrence to Agence France-Presse, Jakarta Airport police chief, Ahmad Yusef said the woman “didn’t look healthy and won’t be questioned until she is fit. The woman is now at the airport’s health centre.”
It was also reported that the woman who is married with kids, admitted to investigators that the child was her baby and that she left him in the bin because she got pregnant for another man in Abu Dhabi.

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