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Man's Genotype Changes From SS To AA At Pastor Ibiyeomie's Crusade-Duncan Mighty

A young man, Kayjay Karina Jacob's SS genotype reportedly changed to AA after attending Pastor David Ibiyeomie's '5 Nights of Glory crusade' at the Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt's first son, singer Duncan Mighty, who attends the church, shared photo of the guy's Haematology test results on his Instagram page and wrote;
God I return all the Glory to you Alone for Using your General PAPA DAVID IBIYEOMIE during the 5Nights Of Glory in SALVATION MINISTRIES to change the story of Kayjay Karina Jacob whom genotype was SS and now turned AA.. JAY the world will hear your name remain blessed and to all that is looking up to God for a miracle, may the same grace work for u all cuz when God heals one he heals all in JESUS NAME AMEN.....