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From 1999, we've had 4 Presidents with different idiosyncrasies. Here, I attempted to x-ray their strengths and weaknesses and my overall score of their govts. See below

Olusegun Obasanjo 1999-2007:
A very strong President, corrupt, but decisive. Bridged the gap between Northern domination and Southern subservience by bringing it equity at all level of governance. He understood governance and employed capable hands from all works of life to help drive his govt. In all, he tried his best, brought some positives. He was generally feared and respected but mostly feared.

His Score: AVERAGE.

Umaru Musa Yar'Adua 2007-2010:
A very good man, a good president, strong and decisive, widely respected. He cared about every Nigerian irrespective of tribe and religion. Tackled governance with equity and fairness. He was greatly loved by all and sundry. He was not corrupt but he carried the baggage of a terminal illness which he battled with till he died. His stint at power was very brief but very impactful.


Goodluck Jonathan 2010-2015:
Another good man with good intentions. A transformer, generally considered as weak probably because of his meek nature. Was very fair to all tribes and religions. Understood governance like no other and brought about tonnes of innovative and futuristic programs. Employed only very competent hands and listened to the people at every turn. He was liked by many and hated by many. Those who liked him did with all their hearts and those who hated him did with all their venom. They nicknamed him clueless because of his tendency to please other regions more than his. They tagged him corrupt in what I regard as giving a dog a bad name just to kill it. The corruption tag is still largely questionable till today being that none of his kitchen cabinet members has been convicted of corruption up till today, not that they are not trying but because they can't find any evidence to support their media trial and prosecution.
He transformed all sectors of the Nigerian economy. From aviation to Agriculture, from transportation to power and from works to maritime to education and health. During his tenure, Nigerians became rich, respected and they enjoyed abundant good life.
Despite all this, he was hounded by those who believed they were born to rule and those who believed they must remain the only star amongst the southern regions. He was naive to trust and hand all the powers to these people out to end him. At the end he fell.


Muhammadu Buhari 2015-NOW:
An illiterate old man who came in as "mai gaskiya!" The final bustop. He was touted as an anti-corruption czar, a Messiah of some sorts and the man Nigeria needs to put things right. These were what they told us but his antecedents showed all the hypes to be deceptive and misleading, we told them they were being misled by some selfish buccaneers, but like a hypnotized bunch, they laughed at us and ignored the timely warning.
Since becoming President, he has not only proved all the hypes to be wrong, but he has gone ahead to dumbfound even his greatest believers.


He has reduced governance to a joke. Under him, Nigerians have experienced the type of hardship they never thought was ever possible. He has failed in all ramifications. His immediate family members exhibit attributes of a super corrupt family. All the members of his kitchen cabinet are embroidered in one corrupt practice or the other, yet, 'the anti-corruption czar' has pretended to be blind, deaf and dumb. His ministers are completely incompetent. They can be best described as square pegs in round holes.
Under him, Fulani herdsmen run amok, killing and maiming with impunity. He is mortally feared but not respected. Nigeria failed under him from the get go. He'll likely retain power by all means till his constitutionally allowed tenures run out. Nigeria is on a very long thing under his mis-rulership.


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