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Dr. Paul Enenche admonishes Nigerian leaders again

Nigerians from all walks of life, devoid of political party affiliation, ethnicity and religion, Friday, stormed the Eagles Square, Nigeria's power-transition theatre to cry out their hearts to God over the myriad of problems facing the county.

Political heavyweights, captains of industry, royal fathers, legal luminaries as well as clergies prayed, danced and worshiped God on behalf of the nation.

The event tagged Nations Worship in His Presence was organised by the Dr. Paul and Becky Enenche-led Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

The programme, with the theme, The Kingdom is the Lord's, attracted prominent Nigerians, including the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, who sent a powerful 12-man delegation led by Pastor Oluseyi Malomo.

Among the VP’s delegation were Rev and Mrs. Isaac Ambi, Deaconess JO Ayo, Pastor Moses Babatunde, Pastor Oluwabunmi Akande, Pastor Femi Osinbajo, Senator Ita Enang and among others.

The speaker of the House of Representative, Yakubu Dogara also sent a representative.

The Benue State governor, who was absent also sent a representative in person.

Justices of the Supreme Court and judges of the Federal High Courts and high courts as well as several Senior Advocates of Nigeria, SAN Kehinde Olamide Ogunwumiju, SAN Chief Afolabi, SAN Chief Mike Osimin were also on ground.

Elder statesmen, Prof Jerry Gana, General Lawrence Onoja, Bayelsa State Governor, His Excellency, Seriake Dickson and among others were on ground to intercede on behalf of the nation. His royal highness, Chief Baba Odangla was also in attendance.

The Zimbabwean Ambassador and the Venezuelan Ambassador to Nigeria, the national chairman of PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon John Gaul Lebo and his Akwa Ibom State counterpart, Onofiok Luke, senators as well as several honorable members of the federal house of assemblies, and member of state assemblies, former governors, a plethora of men and women of God, just to mention a few also came around to be part of the event.

In a powerful note delivered by the Senior Pastor of the church, Dr. Paul Enenche, during the well-attended meeting, which had the who is who in the society in attendance, the highly respected preacher shared a seven fold charge to those in leadership positions to see it as privilege and not a right.

Dr. Enenche said Nigeria is currently at a crossroad and in dire need of urgent Divine intervention.

The programme, which was powered by the Dunamis Church, was attended by hundreds of thousands of Nigerians, a mammoth crowd overflowing the Eagle Square all the way to the car park spaces and surrounding roads. They all cried out to God to salvage the nation from her current terrible situation.

He admitted that despite the many challenging confronting the entity called Nigeria, the Lord has been keeping the nation as one.

Explaining why the church organized the programme and the choice of Eagles Square as venue, the fire-spitting preacher said, “The subject of this gathering is the Kingdom is the Lords. That is the theme of the gathering, Nations Worship in his Presence. We are here for five basic things.

“Firstly, we are here to handover our nation to God through the instrumentality of worship and prayers. To say Lord we hand over this nation to you because we cant help ourselves.

“Secondly, we are here to establish the sovereignty of our God through the power of worship and prayers.

“We are also here to enthrone our God and give Him His glory and to hand over the nation to him.
“Another reason we are gathered here is to uproot the root of evil and wickedness in our nation through worship and prayer.

“Fifthly, we came here to frustrate and nullify the agenda of evil against our nation through the instrumentality of worship.

“Our nation today is in a very terrible deep situation that is in urgent need of intervention. We cannot deny that fact that despite everything, we have seen the help of God. We have seen the subjugation of terrorism that was based majorly in north eastern part of the country. We have seen the continuation of our corporate existence despite monumental agitations and challenges. There are countries that never saw one-tenth of what we saw and scattered in pieces, but Nigeria is still together as a nation.

“But in the face of all the positive things we have seen, we have also seen very terrible situations that anybody who is rational in thinking, and who would settle and think, would know that right now we need Divine intervention.

“First of all, the plagues and the menace of the herdsmen brutality and killings of innocent citizens with brazen effrontery and at times with the temerity to state the reason they do all these things without any consequence.

“We have such a situation in our land that needs the help of God. When innocent people wake up the next day only to discover that their farmland is gone, wives are gone, children are gone, husbands gone and a whole community becomes refugees in their own nation. We need intervention. We have an epidemic of suffering and hardship in the land. We have seen a level of misery and wretchedness that we have not seen before now.

“Now, this is not the time for anybody to point accusing fingers at the other person. It is not the mater of who caused it, whether it was the past or present administration, that is not important now, God knows who caused it. But the most important thing is that we have a change of climate, a climate of scarcity. You see, I have been pastoring for over 21 years, but the request of welfare need we have had from people in recent times is unbelievable.

“People ejected from houses, children dropped out of schools as well as hunger everywhere. And we are saying, Lord, we need your Divine intervention; however you will do it, help our nation. That is why we are here tonight and I am happy because everybody from all walks of life, and from both sides of the divide is here.

“In our nation today, the level of hostility and animosity has increased to a very alarming rate. Antagonism and distaste for one another is the order of the day, either on the basis of religion or ethnicity. This is so alarming that many people are wondering what has happened suddenly, our nation is at such a crossroad that we need urgent and crucial intervention,” he noted.

On why they opted for the Eagles Square as venue of the programme, the cleric explained thus, “This venue is strategic because this is the ground where the destiny of the nation is determined. This is the ground where power is sworn in over our nation.”

“Now, throughout scripture, there was outcome of praise and worship, in other words, when people praise and worship God from the heart, these seven things happen.
They include, walls of limitations crumble, enemies’ weapons turn against each other. We are here to say that anyone planning to kill people in this nation, may their weapon begin to turn against each other.

“If death is good, those who want others to die let them taste that death. Other things that happens when genuine praise and worship go before God is that chains are broken and doors open. Unclean spirits are cast out when praise and worship is offered unto God. Divine direction is released when worship go up. Supernatural supplies are released. Also, the glory of the Lord fills the land when worship goes up.

“And our key is the key of worship in spirit and truth as well as in the beauty of holiness.

“But while I was done with my preparation of this message, the Lord said I should give a word to leaders. Either governmental leaders, political leaders, spiritual leaders, anybody in any leadership position. God gave me seven key thoughts for them

They should remember that:

1-“It is a privilege to be entrusted with leadership and not a right.
2-The leader is not better than the majority of the people he/she leads.
3-You do not have the stage forever. Every leader has an inescapable title that he will one day bear, that is – “former......”
4- While you have the stage, make sense on time. Since you don’t have the stage forever. There are people waiting, queuing up to make sense.
5- You will be judged by history, either for good or for bad.
6-Your impact is superior to your income. It is your posterity that will determine your impact and not your prosperity
7-You will be judged in eternity before the almighty God for your stewardship on earth. Those people that perished and were wasted under our watch, what we did and what we failed to do about it, shall be a basis for your judgement. The fact is, You will be judged for your stewardship on earth.