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Daddy Freeze Shows 'Paul O' Paul Okoye's Mansion To Shame Those That Pay Tithes

Convener of the Free The Sheeple Movement, Daddy Freeze has shared a video of a non-tithe payer to prove that you can still be prosperous without obeying the tithe doctrine hammered by
Nigerian Pastors.

He shared a video showing the mansion of Paul Okoye who is responsible for almost every endorsement deal gotten by Nigerian celebrities e.g Wizkid, Tekno, Dr SID, Seyi Shey etc.

The mansion has a swimming pool in the upper floor as seen in the video which also shows Freeze and Paul laughing hard about the success.

His instagram quote:
Roof top swimming pool, no tithing, VI Landlord no tithing. If you pay tithe for 2018, you be confirmed mugu.
Went to visit with @tastebudzng see her looking fly in blue in the background!
Jesus did not collect tithe, neither did his disciples so stop paying it to thieves! ~FRZ

Cc @pauloo2104 #VILandLord #NoTithing
[1] No Nigerian pastor qualifies to be a levite! Asides that, the old law (which includes tithing) was nullified in the books of 
Galatians 5:1 and Hebrews 7:18 read your Bible, it doesn't bite!
[2]: Tithing is not fundamental to Christianity, if it were, Jesus would have collected it or instructed his disciples to collect it.
[3]: Jesus being in the 'order' of Melchizedek does not include tithing. If it included tithing, Jesus would have collected it, simple!