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Daddy Freeze, Crazeclown: Doctor Saves Life In Theatre You Take Gifts To Pastors

Is It Right? Doctors Spent Hours To Save Your Life In Theatre, You Take Your Gifts To Pastors - Freeze

Daddy Freeze don start again today oo, this time he is questioning the idea and wisdom behind taken ones' 'thank you gifts' to pastors after doctors most have spent hours in the theatre saving the life of that particular person.

But Daddy Freeze, the thing is, doctors will even tell you that they administer medications and do their best but in the end, its only God that heals. Though you have a point in your submission but nevertheless, doctors are being paid before they even start saving ones life.

What do you think guys?

See what Freeze shared below.

A Doctor will stand in the surgical room for hours to days struggling to save your life and after a successful surgery you will carry money, cars and every other ‘I’m grateful gifts’ and give your pastor coz he prayed for you ... Literal example of MONKEY DEY WORK BABOON DEY CHOP! #DoctorsLivesMattersToo #DrCraze #QuickReminder