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Campus Politics: Between Serving, Fight For Rights And Self-enrichment

By Musa A Bello (The Insightful Observer)
It is very common nowadays to hear students in higher institutions of learning complaining about lack of rights fulfilment by the school authorities and other relevant stakeholders. These reasons to many, have served as the motive for joining campus Unionism either at the faculty/departmental/state association or entire institution level, but funny enough, when they get to their desired position, all that loud voice clamouring for their rights wither. Only for new ideas and ways of thinking to emerge; how to use the position to achieve cheap fame, how to enrich one's personal coffers and how to exude authority over others, and lots of other selfish attitudes.

This brings us to our question; is it really fight for Rights or mere ranting because of lack of opportunity? Certainly the later is the case.
It's very sad how so-called comrades usually seek unnecessary recognition and shamelessly expect unwarranted loyalty from the people they are supposed to lead and provide guidance to, while at the same time using every opportunity to squander the limited resources/funds of their associations.

My hope for a better Nigeria is at its highest peak now of all times because I believe the few trustworthy and sincere comrades shall Insha Allah be great leaders of this great country in the nearest future. So let's all be insightful comrades.

Nigeria shall be great again
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