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Adenike Oyetunde: Stop Using My Images For Disability Campaigns

Info FM OAP Adenike Oyetunde has issued a warning to people who use her image for disability campaigns without seeking her consent.

The OAP who used the opportunity to remind Nigerians that she is a lawyer and was called to bar ten years ago, said she will sue anyone who ventures into using her image without giving her any prior notification.

According to Adenike Oyetunde, the fact that whatever project people are embarking on has something to do with disability doesn’t mean they should use her picture without prior notice.

Adenike Oyetunde is a cancer survivor and she is definitely waxing strong by the day. She went further to say that the fact she smiles doesn’t mean she is a fool and urged Nigerians to learn about intellectual and property rights.

The OAP made this known to the public in an Instagram post;