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100% Free Affiliate Marketing Question And Answer Session With Video Proof

hi esteemed Nairalanders, happy new year and welcome to the year 2018. it is indeed going to be a great year because i have made up my mind to touch thousands of lives on this thread and it is going to be completely free. their will be no purchases of ebooks or any kind of purchase.

i believe ImportExpert do not require any form of formal introduction. but for those that are just knowing me for the first time, i am one of those few Nigerians that earn legitimate income online through different online earning platforms. for the sake of this thread, our focus is affiliate marketing with clickbank.

the reason why i am doing this is to create a knowledge base and landmarks for the future generation to know the height we have reached in affiliate marketing so that they can benefit and advance on it. i also want this thread to serve as a major reference tool for any Nigerian that wants to go in to affiliate marketing.

so stay tuned lets do it. first i will introduce you to affiliate marketing, clickbank, what to do and what not to do and how to get your cash here in Nigeria. remember everything here is free and PMS are not welcome. let everything be discussed here in the open.

Please this is an open forum and i do not encourage anybody to drop his/her personal details here.

Also below is a live video of me logging into my clickbank account. i will be uploading my account video here from time to time, my hope is that, a few months from now, your account will also look the same.

those that are interested should comment so that we can advance.