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Who Is The Most Sellable Person In The South East If PDP Zones VP To Se

There is no denying the fact that the Buhari led APC administration who won the 2015 presidential elections on popular support has done fairly well; yet going by their campaign promises, it is far below expectations. Nigerians are sighing with disappointment more than 2 years on. This has opened the door to PDP to try to retake power come 2019. They have started this by trying to put their house in order, starting from their successful national convention to elect their leaders last weekend.

As expected, the PDP has zoned its presidential ticket to the north, and if feelers are anything to go by, then the south east might get the nod to produce the VP.

Which one person in the south east do you think enjoys national acceptance, either from the public or private sector who can help PDP retake power if given the VP slot.

My opinion: Add yours, or argue for and against the people below.

1) Osita Chidoka. Aside the fact that he seems clean, and scored points from the purists in the just concluded Anambra gubernatorial elections for his refusal to share money to voters, urging voters to vote their conscience, the former FRSC boss and Minister of Aviation is a very sellable candidate. His youthfulness, eloquence, vibrance, intelligence, and character will come to fore to help PDP as 2019 campaign gathers steam.

2) Dr Mrs Okonjo Iweala. The highly cerebral economist served two terms as finance minister of Nigeria (2003 - 2006, 2011 - 2015) and was previous managing director of the world bank (2007 - 2011). Perhaps her biggest achievement as Nigeria's finance minister was negotiating and securing the Paris club debt relief for Nigeria during her first stint as federal minister of finance.

She currently chairs the Board of Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and the African Risks Capacity at WB. She's also a senior advisor at Lazard and is respected across the breadth of the country.

3) Oby Ezekwesili. A chattered accountant, she has served as Nigeria's minister of solid minerals and later, minister of education where she swept the ministry with far reaching reforms. She served as World Bank's VP, Africa Division from May 2007 - May 2012. She's also a tornado on the social media and her BBOG campaign support has earned her a nationalist personality and love from Nigerians who identify and sympathise with the plight of the Chibok girls and the ongoing problems facing North Eastern Nigeria.

4) Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo. Probably Africa's best brain in macro economics, he was appointed CBN Governor from May 29th 2004 to May 29th 2009 where his best work was bank capitalisation and consolidation, yielding 25 strong Nigerian banks from over 300 banks. He's presently a consultant to the UN and a visiting lecturer to several foreign universities. He still enjoys popular support among Nigerians as a brainy chap that can solve Nigeria's Balance of Trade problems in an economy heavily dependant on exportation.

5) Mr Peter Obi. Former Governor of Anambra state. He created an indelible legacy through ANIDS (Anambra Integrated Development Strategy) where all sectors where enjoying attention simultaneously. Famed for his frugality, he saved up an alleged 70 billion naira in cash and assets for Anambra state as stated in his handover notes. He enjoys popular support from Ndi Anambra, Igbos and Nigerians.

6) Senator Ike Ekweremadu. Nigeria's deputy senate president. There's no disputing the fact that he is a popular figure amongst his colleagues, and enjoys some level of leadership and respect within the PDP structure. He has both the financial muscle and the goodwill across the country from his colleagues in the Red Chambers to mobilise support for PDP in 2019.

Written by mentorandfriend for nairaland politics section.