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Top 10 Worst Beauty Pageant Winners You Want To See

During beauty contest, no doubt all the contestants are of course beautiful. Being a contest, there has to be a winner and mostly some beauties are not as beautiful as others and so they don’t deserve to be crowned.

A winner also has to be a role model to many and conduct themselves in their best behavior possible.

There have been beauties who won but their winning remains questionable.

Others won because they are beautiful yes but they get dethroned for misbehaving. This list gives us details about the worst beauty pageant winners of all time.

10. Paulina Vega Dieppa – Miss Universe

She won herself the miss universe crown in the year 2014. The crowd even showed it to her face by booing her and cheered Kaci Fenell instead (who was the Miss Jamaica universe).

Many people thought that Kaci could be the winner of the beauty contest and were very disappointed by the final decision.

Kaci was the fourth place winner and after the results were announced, all the other contestants lifted her up showing they preferred her over Fennell.

9. Keishla Villafane Rivera – miss Puerto Rico

This beauty who was crowned as miss Puerto Rico and later was dethroned in the year 2009 after making death threats to the staff of beauty pageant.

She also was said to be hard to handle and very difficult to work with. It was as though she got it into her head that she was the winner and found reasons to treat other badly. This would make her learn how to treat others especially the people who helped her. She lacked humility.

8. Katie Rees – Miss Nevada

This beauty was crowned as miss Nevada back in 2008 and the crowd loved and supported her. She enjoyed all the good things and opportunities that came with winning the award but not for so long.

Miss Nevadawas dethroned when her nude photos were leaked and went viral ruining and spoiling her name. That’s how she lost it all, poor beauty.

7. Zuleyka Rivera – Miss Universe

Zuleyka Rivera was crowned as miss universe in the year 2006 but the public were dissatisfied as they thought she never deserved the crown.

Rumors had it that she was so fake and had done a lot of plastic surgeries on herself.

The public were even comparing her plastic surgeries to those of Michael Jackson and were not impressed at all by the winning.

As we all know in this contests, the winner or rather the beauty should posses nothing more than her natural beauty and so Zuleyka’s win was considered not fair at all.

6. Lindsey Evans –Miss teen Louisiana

It was just 11 days after this beautiful girl was crowned miss teen that she had to return the crown back for very embarrassing reasons behind.
She went to a restaurant and after enjoying whatever she had she left the restaurant without paying her bills. To add salt to injury, she was carrying with herself mar!juana.
As a model, one is a public figure and that was out rightly a very bad picture to show.
She should have set a good example as miss teen but she must have learnt a lesson for she was dethroned and this should be lesson to the others too.

5. Riyo Mori – Miss Universe

She is pretty, and the public thought s too but Riyo herself had self doubts about this. She never thought she deserved the crown as miss universe 2007.
She had all it took to be the winner; nothing was wrong or unattractive about her. She tried to admit publicly that she had lips injections done on her in order to look better but that wasn’t enough to fool the public.

4. Gabriela Isler – Miss Universe

This beautiful model was crowned as miss universe In the year 2013 but the public was not impressed at all by the decision that was made. The fans thought that this contestant had too much makeup done on her face.
They claimed that the beauty could have looked better without makeup that they thought was too much. Her wide smile and too much makeup in the eye didn’t convince anyone that she was pretty at all.
This entire thing left people saying that she was the worst winner ever in history of modeling.

3. Carrie Prejean – Miss California

This was back in the year 2009 when Carrie was crowned miss California and later was dethroned. The reason was “contract violations’.
She had made statements that were negative about same-sex marriages and people were unhappy about her.
Later on, a nude picture of her was leaked (t0pless) and went viral. Thereafter, Carrie failed to appear as she was scheduled too and the pageant got angry with her.
She had to return the sash and the crown as a lesson to her and other future

2. Olivia Culpo – Miss Universe
Controversies arose when Olivia’s fellow contestants started spreading rumor that she wasn’t actually a lady but a male. Finally it was confirmed that those were only rumors.
Olivia had a lot of hate with her when she was crowned miss universe in the year 2012 and the public thought that she never deserved the crown.
The winner was a semi-celebrity at that time she was contesting and the public went all over the internet saying stuff like she only won because this was carried out in USA and that she looked just ordinary like a little girl.

1. Gloria Diaz – Miss Universe
She was the winner of miss universe in the year 1969. Gloria Diaz from the Philippines is considered the worst winner ever and so many people were upset by the result.
The public said that it’s not beauty that made her win, but the last question she was asked about welcoming the astronauts back from the moon.
Despite the negatives said about her, Gloria went on and became an award winning actress.