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Never Seen Photos Of Ojukwu

Ojukwu standing in front of his residence at Governors Lodge Enugu (Now National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu) 1967.

Ojukwu playing table tennis at his residence in Enugu 1967.

The man that saw tommorrow with little or no ammunition his ill equiped army wrecked so much havoc on the Nigerian military so much that Murtala Mohammed lost 95% of his entire division , first during his ill fated desire to cross the Niger river , secondlyy when a little known major Jonathan Uchendu used an improvised device (ogbunigwe) to dismantle and pulverise more than 98% of the 2 division at Abagana.

There is barely any Nigerian General that is not carrying or nursing wounds inflicted on them by the Biafran military.

With little or no weapon and barely any foreign support Ojukwu commanded an army that reduced the 3rd Marine Commando from its 35000 mand strength to bare 300 men .

The prowess of the Army commanded by Ojukwu was so much that Soviet Union that was backing the Nigerian Military became very embarrassed and disappointed with the outcome of the war, while Britain that could not save face backed Nigeria with enough ammunitions that woul destroy Nigerian 3 times

Although Shuwa's 1st Division successfully captured Okigwe and the Obiangwu airstrip the operation resulted in disaster for Adekunle's 3rd Marine Division in which it lost over 20,000 of its 35,000 soldiers, over 2/3 of the entire division and found itself in short supply of both men and food. While Yakubu Gowon was distracted by the anti-tax riots in western Nigeria the Biafran Brigadier Alexander Madiebo encircled Owerri, trapping the 3,000 man Nigerian 16th Division inside the city. For the next several months attacks were launched by Biafran soldiers on Nigerian defensive positions around the city which allowed them to inch closer to Owerri with every battle. On December 5 the Biafrans launched a two-day offensive on Owerri in which 50,000 rounds of ammunition, 300 mortars, 200 howitzer shells, and 20 anti-tank weapons were fired by the Biafrans but the Nigerian 16th Division under Col. Etuk managed to stay put in their original positions. On January 15, 1969, the Biafran 60th Brigade entered Owerri and forced the Nigerians within the city to retreat across the Otamini Bridge. Hungry and half-Unclad Biafran soldiers discovered the Nigerian's food and clothing supplies and decided to stay and have their fill while the Nigerians regrouped and launched a counter-attack, causing the Biafrans to retreat
By March 31, 1969, the Biafrans had control over 70% of Owerri while the remaining 300 Nigerian soldiers fled the city on April 25