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Lady Feeds 40 People On Christmas Day (Photos)

I just fel in love with these pretty lady named Boma from Rivers State.
She fed 40 persons on Christmas day even though she didn't have enough money.
Read what she wrote on Facebook

''And That Was How I Celebrated Jesus' Birthday

I just gave lunch to over 40 persons today and i'm happy i did.
When the thought of doing this came to my mind i had no cash for it. Few weeks back one of my friends here on Facebook though we have not met yet he asked Boma what are your plans for Christmas and i replied my plan is to feed the less privileged on Christmas day, he was like wow! Will send some cash to support you. fast forward few days ago he sent some cash from abroad o grin
I contacted a caterer to prepare the food and i bought drinks put in the freezer to make them very chill grin cheesy grin

God Bless us To Do More In Jesus Name Amen grin