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I Am Epileptic Please Help

It's with a heart filled with sorrow and bitterness I am writing this post.... I am epileptic and have been suffering from this very sickness for the past three years.....

I am 20yrs old and dropped out from secondary school on 2013.

It happened one night on december 2013 that I was strolling to my room without torch-light that something pinched me on my leg uptill today I still can't understand what that was and I don't if that was what caused this type of sickness to me..

My mother and father are not epileptic and there is no record of any of their relatives that had it before.

On the early year of 2014 one of my uncle introduced me to one of his friends and told me that I will stay with him and serve him and after six years he will settle me and I am presently serving him and here is where I started having this sickness..

I am living alone because he has two shops and I am handling one of them and by God grace I am doing fine here.
Actually the sickness never happened to me on day-time, it's always at night when I am asleep even if someone tells you that I have epilepsy you'll likely doubt the person because I don't have injuries or wound, the sickness will just come and go before morning....

I don't want to quit serving my oga because it will be a lost to me and I don't know how life will look for me if I do...... and my oga is even doubting me that I don't such sickness..

So I just want to finish serving him and it remain another three years...

But I just want to find out from nairaland doctors If (maybe when I get the money) I will find any medical solution to this type of sickness..

Please oga seun and lalasticlala help me push this to front page..

Thank you for reading my post and God bless you.