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How I Got A Job

Glory to God who made it Possible...

and to my mum..
I did my sign out from school, October this year.
Results isn't out.. Asup on strike.. And I don't want to sit at home during nothing.

So I started going to all job vacancies site, visited nairaland job sections daily. The first interview I went I was employed but I had to stop because the job was demanding and the pay wasn't much. I would have even continue even with the pay because of experience but who does that: Monday to Sunday job.

Most importantly the ones I do see is from all these consulting firms.

The one I got at last, I couldn't even remember when I applied. Was called for an interview.. First time, I did group interview, I was interviewed by 3 people at the same time.. Fortunately for me, I was called for a chat, it was during that chat I got to know I submitted my ND Cv not the updated one. Pay is good, distance isn't far from my place. Good working conditions. Was even told if my service should be in Lagos, I can work there during service and it not from any consulting firm...

Thanks to my lecturers in school cos I made use of what was taught in school during the interview..

No knowledge is a waste ..

God would answer the prayers of many job seekers.

Lastly.. I had good grades from school but my skills, abilities and how I behaved during the interview paved way for me.
What is the essence of a good grade if you can't defend it..